Interview with Carlos Condit: "My goal is to have the welterweight title belt around my waist"-expected something to happen with Nick Diaz...

With 26 of his 27 victories coming via submissions or TKO's, Carlos Condit has certainly lived up to his nick name of the "Natural Born Killer".

As he prepared for what in all likely hood was a shot at the title, against BJ Penn, Condit was given a gift from the MMA gods by way of Nick Diaz dropping the ball. When Diaz failed to show for a second consecutive press conference, Dana White made the tough call of bumping Nick from the main event and inserting Condit versus Georges St. Pierre at UFC 137. Apparently the tough decision only took about 45 minutes.

While both Condit and GSP represent the Greg Jackson camp, one of them actually trains in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the other just walks in with the banner, there was never a hesitation from Carlos Condit to pull the "I won't fight my teammate" card.

In Carlos' most recent interview, he discusses his upcoming title shot, gives his thoughts on BJ vs Diaz, and tells us what he's done to get himself out of trouble with the law

Keep reading folks...please.

Gerry Rodriguez: Let's get right into it, Nick Diaz goes MIA and you get moved up to the title fight versus GSP, what goes through your mind?

Carlos Condit: It was a kind of crazy serious of events. I found that Nick didn't show up to the press conference and then 30 or 45 minutes later I found out I was getting a title shot. I kind of half expected something to happen. As a matter of fact, I told my manager after my fight against Don Hyun Kim that I was getting right back in the gym. "You never know,something might happen to Diaz, Diaz might get hurt and I want to be ready", and it worked out.

Gerry Rodriguez: Was there ever any hesitation to accept the fight because you train at the Greg Jackson camp and Georges, represents the team?

Carlos Condit: No, never. That was a decision I had made way way before. I had made it clear, I'm a big fan of Georges, I have a lot of respect for him and what he's done for the sport, but I'm in this sport to be the best in the world. My goal was to have the welterweight title belt around my waist. There wasn't a moment of hesitation.

Gerry Rodriguez: GSP has been criticized for playing it safe since winning the belt and it seems like most of his recent opponents have been gun shy; What have you worked on to prepare to avoid that from happening to you?

Carlos Condit: I'm just trying to look at this as just another fight. I'm training harder than I ever have, but as far as my opponent, I understand Georges is the best in the the division. Like you said, I'm going to try and not give too much respect. I'm going out there and do my thing. I feel like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain in this fight, I feel like that's a dangerous place to be coming from.

Gerry Rodriguez: What skills do you bring into the cage that he hasn't face before?

Carlos Condit: Well I'm dangerous off my back and Georges is a great wrestler and has been able to put a lot of guys down. Not a lot of guys mix their strikings with their submissions like I'm able to do. That's been pretty effective for me in the past. My range and my reach is definitely going to be an advantage for me.

Gerry Rodriguez: Stylistically which fighter presents a tougher challenge, BJ or Georges?

Carlos Condit: I don't know if either one was more of a challenge, it was going to be different fights. For me, BJ with is very dangerous jiu jitsu, it was something I was pretty aware of and working on that. My game plan doesn't change that much, I'm working on my strengths and trying to improve on my weakness and be the best fighter I can be.

Gerry Rodriguez: Let's talk about the co-main event, BJ versus Nick Diaz, how do you see that one playing out?

Carlos Condit: I think it's going to be interesting. Their both great grappler's and both have great boxing. I think BJ maybe has more power..that's a tough one to call. I think Nick's pace and his conditioning might be a deciding factor in that fight. Just the way he's able to push and pressure guys; BJ isn't known for his conditioning. It'll be interesting.

Gerry Rodriguez: Let's switch gears a bit, the UFC has made an effort to go after the Latino market and hopes to hold an event in Mexico someday, why haven't we seen you marketed to that audience like we have with Cain Velasquez, Diego Sanchez, Miguel Torres, and even Huerta, when he was with the UFC?

Carlos Condit: Probably because I don't speak Spanish, it's something I should probably work and maybe we'll see more of a push in that arena.

Gerry Rodriguez: Your dad was Chief of Staff for Bill Richardson when he was governor of New Mexico, did you have ever have to name drop to get yourself out of trouble?

Carlos Condit: No, not with my dad. The fight community and the community of cops here in town are pretty big. I've name dropped a cops named or two that I train with to get out of trouble but never had to go as high as the governor.

Gerry Rodriguez: Last question-What kind of champion could we expect Carlos Condit to be?

Carlos Condit: I feel really really fortunate to be doing what I'm doing for a living. I love what I do. I love getting up and training every single day. I love getting in the cage and throwing down and entertaining the fans. You're going to see from me what you've always see. I think I'm a fighter that brings all aspects of the game to table and I always fight to win, I always fight to finish and I'm not going to change anything if I win the belt.

To listen to audio of the interview head over to The Verbal Submission 

Carlos would like to thanks all his trainers, Headrush, West Coast Authentics, Nova corp, Blue Grace Logistics and


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