Jon Jones: Rashad Evans already ruined my special night twice now, his time will come

No sooner had Jon Jones destroyed Quinton Jackson to retain his light heavyweight title at UFC 135 last night (Sept. 24, 2011) in Denver than Rashad Evans entered the cage to quickly remake his acquaintance.

The post-fight interview conducted by color commentator Joe Rogan was done to set up their pending championship fight, which is already set for a later date when the two are healthy enough to compete.

Evans was short and sweet, complimentary of Jones' performance against "Rampage:"

"I thought it was a good fight tonight. I thought Jon Jones looked impressive. It's a good opportunity (fighting Jones for the title). I'm glad the UFC put it together and I can't wait to get a chance to fight him."

"Bones" wasn't so nice when he was asked what he thought of the coming showdown against his former stablemate:

"No, I'm sure he's got a lot to say and he's going to do a lot of talking. I'm not going to say anything, I promise you guys, leading up to this fight I'm not going to say much. I'm just going to prove it. He's ruined my special night twice now. The time will come."

At the post-fight press conference, Jones was again asked about Evans and at first, he told the media he wouldn't answer questions about his upcoming opponent because he "didn't want to talk about him."

That is until Jackson remarked that he's looking forward to the light heavyweight championship fight because "Suga" made so many claims that he's got Jones' number. The champ simply couldn't let that comment fly without a response:

"I will say this about Rashad: he does not have my number. He's not even close to having my number. Me and Rashad, we sparred a few times, and every time we sparred I know what could have happened. He talks about one day at practice where he held me down and he lives that day in his head every day. So we'll see."

Evans has long made assertions that underneath all the cocky bravado is a 24-year-old kid (and you know how much Jones hates being called that) who will quit when the going gets rough.

And he knows this because he's seen it in training.

"Bones," of course, disputes this fact and both men will continue to claim they got the better of the other while they were hitting the mats down at Greg Jackson's gym in New Mexico.

We have nothing to go on besides these words and they may or may not ring true for either side. Nonetheless, the only way to find out is when these two finally climb inside the cage to settle their differences.

Then? It's on like Donkey Kong, ladies and sirs.

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