UFC 135 results recap: Travis Browne vs Rob Broughton fight review and analysis

Photo by Josh Hedges via Getty Images

Travis Browne, on the heels of a "Knockout of the Night" winning performance at UFC 130, was hoping to make a statement against Rob Broughton.

But if he was looking to impress the boss last night (September 24, 2011) on the UFC 135 main card, he failed rather miserably.

In fact, UFC President Dana White mid-fight tweeted, "This one isn't what I expected." Whoops.

Browne eventually pulled out an easy unanimous decision, but what did he do that tempered expectations of both the UFC brass and the fans?

We'll take a closer look at some missed opportunities and what happens next for both men after the jump.

Browne didn't have the most terrific start to the bout, throwing huge right hands with poor footwork that sent him off balance on multiple occasions. He had a big reach advantage and was clearly the most athletic fighter, able to get in and get out without taking damage.


If Browne had any worries about Broughton's ground game, those concerns were immediately alleviated at the end of the first round.

Look at how Browne drops down, scoops up Broughton's left leg and pulls it out from under him for a takedown of almost comical ease. Broughton tips over faster than a domino.

If that wasn't enough, he also passes to mount within seconds, which allows him to posture up and drop some seriously heavy ground and pound on the Brit which included some heavy elbows.

In between rounds, Browne's cornerman, Greg Jackson, told him to use a 1-2 punch combination followed by a leg kick. Great advice. Too bad "Hapa" never used it.

Despite Broughton practically being a human punching bag, Browne seemed way too focused on setting up feints, utilizing unnecessary movement against his plodding opponent. He finally got the memo about two minutes into round two.


As the crowd begins to boo, Brown lunges in with a big combination of hooks, most of which connect on Broughton's head as "The Bear" moves straight back from the punishment in an ill-advised defensive maneuver.

As Broughton covers up along the fence, Browne wisely puts him in the Muay Thai plum and throws four big knees towards his head. 

This was a picture perfect example of what Browne should have been doing the whole fight. Instead, it would be his last true aggression of the bout.

From this point on, Browne coasted to victory. Despite the fact that he was quicker, stronger, more powerful, more technical, the better wrestler and just plain the better fighter. 

No wonder White was angry.

When it was all said and done, Browne took home a lop-sided decision that left the fans wanting.

For Rob Broughton, this was an ugly performance. He had absolutely nothing in this fight other than a tough chin and decent cardio. He was outperformed in just about every aspect of the bout and was never in a position to do any significant damage other than a late Kimura attempt from his back.

If he's not cut from the promotion, he'll likely fight a promotion newcomer in his next bout. It's pretty obvious he's not going to be making an impact in the heavyweight division anytime soon. Perhaps he could fight fellow UFC 135 main card loser Ben Rothwell or the loser of the upcoming Joey Beltran vs. Stipe Miocic bout. 

For Travis Browne, he's got the tools to be a force in the division, he just needs to use them better. Rob Broughton was practically moving in slow motion compared to him yet he was very selective with his strikes. This was a guy he should have steamrolled, or at least put a big hurting on. He also ignored Greg Jackson's sound advice to use leg kicks at the end of combinations, instead throwing singular strikes which, while powerful, were not nearly as effective.

Browne could end up facing the winner of the upcoming Dave Herman vs. Mike Russow bout or potentially the winner of Matt Mitrione vs. Cheick Kongo. If he's feeling old school, he could take on fellow UFC 135 winner Mark Hunt

Hopefully he's got a little more confidence in his strikes next time around.

So what did you think Maniacs?

Did Browne's performance seem a little too safe for you? Does Rob Broughton deserve another fight in the UFC after that showing?

Speak up!

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All gifs by Zombie Prophet via IronForgesIron.com.




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