Mania Free Pool: Results for UFC 135 Bones vs Rampage

Now we know that Frankenstein really do not stand a chance against Spiderman as Bones made Rampage look amateurish and one-dimensional in their fight. One thing is for sure, Bones will have a long time being on top of that 205 ladder. Speaking of amateurish, I am proud to say that the people from the Mania Pool did not do an amateurish  job on their picks. I am proud to present the results for you maniacs.

Mr GrappleFan topped the amateurs as he amazingly scored 80 points. How he did it? He got 9 out of 10 picks correct only missing out on Mark Hunt beating Ben "Zero Cardio" Rothwell. He also correctly picked the method and round for the hot bout earning him 22 points. He also nailed the complete points for Assuncao and Boetsch.

Second is yours truly who scored 6 points lower than GrappleFan. I correctly picked 9 out of 10 winners but was only able to score 14points on the hot bout and getting the full points for Boetsch, Assuncao and Koscheck. I told you the first event was just a "picker's jitters" so I was able to ward that off in the second event. Here's hoping I will continue the good streak. As long as I know not to pick Cody McKenzie and Ben Rothwell again, I will have a credible chance, eh?

Third on the race is ItalianStallion54 who actually started picking fights only for this event. He missed the first event but he was still able to show his picking prowess by scoring 67 points. Mind you Maniacs, despite all the trash and crap he said about how he thinks Rampage will win against Jones, he actually picked Jones to finish Rampage in the third round, way to go with the mindgames Stallion. He was also able to nail the hot bout and correctly predicted Assuncao to win by decision. He also got 8 out of 10 correct winners.

Worst picker of the night went to chrism as he got all his picks and got 3/10. He also picked Rampage to win over Jones. He must be boozed while picking his picks eh? 


Here is the statistics for UFC 135 among the Free Poolers.


MrGrappleFan - 80

Phasebook - 74

ItalianStallion54 - 67

Rolandando - 66

thunderdownunder - 66

Cruz-Jacson - 50

michi - 49

PedroPark - 47

redfox54 - 45

karpentero - 43

Stazza - 40

dzerks21 - 39

marcbjr2 - 38

liverpoolsnxt - 37

tenjotenge - 37

Raymondo - 32

CDSmid - 30

chrism - 15

polpog - 0 (did not pick)

suneohair - 0 (did not pick)


After 2 events the scores are as follows:


MrGrapplefan - 137

thunderdownunder - 124

Rolandando - 118

michi - 113

Phasebook - 101

marcbjr2 - 100

PedroPark - 90

redfox54 - 89

dzerks21 - 88

Stazza - 87

Raymondo - 86

liverpoolsnxt - 79

Cruz-Jackson - 77

tenjotenge - 75

karpentero - 75

CDSmid - 70

ItalianStallion54 - 67

chrism - 54

suneohair - 27

polpog - 18


Hit the comments board maniacs. MrGrappleFan you have bragging rights till next week.

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