Worbs Predicts 'Jon Jones vs Quinton Jackson'

Tomorrow night (Saturday September 24th) from Denver, Colorado, the UFC Light Heavyweight strap will be on the line at UFC 135 as contender Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson looks to reclaim the belt he had taken from him as he meets up with the dynamic youth of Jon 'Bones' Jones.

Quinton Jackson has stamped his name on the sport so many times the rubber is fall off as he goes back for more ink. An impressive career that's seen much more highs than lows. Unfortunately for him, tomorrow will be a low.

Hailed as the future of Mixed Martial Arts, Jon Jones is just about as explosive and fun to watch as porn. The man has to be the most entertaining figure for the sport aside from Anderson Silva, and he's even catching up to 'The Spider'. At the ripe young age of 24 years old the sky is the limits, and adding the likes of Quinton Jackson to his resume after abolishing Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua to stake claim to the 205 crown is just the way to keep proving his worth.

How is goes down: I expect 1 minute of the 'feeling each other out' process. No longer will be necessary. Jones will utilize the reach and everytime Jackson looks to flurry, Jones will be able to nullify this with a faster back peddle and stiff long jab.

I don't feel this one will require any ground work as Jones will prove to be the better striker. So, it all comes down to confidence. Is Jones ready to exploit another veterans standup like he did with Shogun? Or is he ready to take this to the mat where he has the distinct advantage and pound Jackson into oblivion with reckless abandonment due to elbows?

Well I see a little of both. Jones won't shy away from Jackson's striking on the feet, which is exactly what Rampage wants. That would normally help a man like Rampage who loves to exchange fisticuffs. However Bones Jones is just too far ahead of Jackson in the manner and angles he can use his arsenal from.

When they square off look for Jones to play Quinton's game for a couple of minutes, show just how easy it is for him to keep his chin out of any relative harm, then dismantle the fading star with a flush combo that presses Rampage up against the fence on his retreat. From there its a quick sweep with Jones on top to let his relentless elbows do the dirty work.

I'd be absolutely shocked if this one saw the Championships rounds folks. So parlay away as Koscheck and Ben Rothwell also got their respective bouts in the bag.

Jon Jones via knockout in the 2nd round unless he toys with him. Then its going to be a long 3 rounds for Rampage, cause he can't last to 4 with the assault Jones is about to bring.


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