Rashad Evans: I think Jon Jones beats Rampage Jackson standing up at UFC 135 (Video)

If there's any single fighter in the world today that knows all about both Jon Jones and Quinton Jackson, it's Rashad Evans.

The former light heavyweight champion extensively trained with "Bones" while he was coming up through the ranks of the 205-pound division and fought "Rampage" at UFC 114 in May 2010.

So when he makes a prediction for their pending bout at UFC 135 this Sat., Sept. 24, 2011, in Denver, it's worth listening to. He did just that in a recent talk with MMA Interviews:

"One thing I experienced with Rampage, (he has) a very strong core. Jon may take him down if he uses his leverage and a lot of his judo, I think that's probably how he's going to get him down. But if he just tries to shoot in on him, Rampage may be pretty tough to take down off just a shot. ... I think that Jon Jones uses his range and his speed to keep Rampage off balance and at the same time using his ability to take Rampage down to try to impose some of his will. I think Jon tries to get it done, I think he does it standing up."

Despite Jones' success throughout his career, it's a bold prediction that he'll take care of Jackson on the feet, considering that's "Rampage's" bread-and-butter.

Evans wasn't the only one to make a prediction on the fight, though, as Frank Mir, Vitor Belfort, Tito Ortiz and Mauricio Rua all chimed in with their thoughts as well.

Frank Mir:

"I think Jones is a phenom and he's very technical but I think too many people are writing off Quinton ... His speed and power, I guess I'm kind of picking Quinton on the backside."

Vitor Belfort:

"It's gonna be pretty simple. If Rampage can put his boxing, he has a chance to knock Jon Jones out, that's no doubt. Rampage is on ... he can put people to sleep pretty fast. ... It's easy to predict. Rampage, the only chance is to knock him out. Jones has the kicks, the elbows, the scramble, the takedowns and he's the new version of MMA."

Tito Ortiz:

"I hope Rampage knocks him out. Rampage is my boy and I want to see him win the title. I want to see him be successful. Hopefully he wins. But Jones is just unstoppable right now, so, I don't know. Rampage, knockout, first round. ... I hope Rampage knocks him the hell out, that would be great."

Mauricio Rua:

"60-percent for Jon Jones, 40-percent for Rampage. Rampage is a good fighter, Jones is too but in my opinion, Jon Jones has a little more chance."

Maniacs: Who ya' got?

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