Jim Rome: Floyd Mayweather is either ducking Manny Pacquiao or thinks he's on steroids

Amidst all the controversy stemming from last Saturday night's boxing pay-per-view, one that saw Floyd Mayweather's cheap shot overcome Victor Ortiz's headbutt, one glaring fact still remains:

Mayweather is not fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Why not? It certainly isn't the "money," as a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao pay-per-view (PPV) headliner would likely be the richest in the history of the "sweet science," so what's the hold-up?

Well, according to sports radio talk show host Jim Rome (via Fight Opinion), it can only be one of two things: Either Mayweather's ducking Pacquiao, or he thinks he's on steroids.

Here's why:

"Wait, what? You're not fighting (Pacquiao), why? Because he has to chip cats off and you don't? Look, I have no idea what that means or how that relates to anything but I know this - either you're just ducking him or you won't fight him because you think that he roids. But his promoter, Bob Arum, says that Pacquiao is now willing to submit to Olympic-style random blood & urine drug testing so that should address your concerns. And, by the way, you do need him. If you care as much about your legacy as you say you do and you do want to be considered one of the greatest of all time, then you need him. Maybe not in your eyes but most of the rest of the world will consider your career incomplete if you don't fight Pacquiao. Skip this guy and there will always be a ‘yeah, but' to your career. Get used to those questions because you'll hear them almost every single day for the rest of your life."

Mayweather knocked out Ortiz on Sept. 17 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a hugely controversial finish to the "Star Power" PPV boxing event. Ortiz illegally headbutted Mayweather and after being deducted a point, chose to try to hug "Money" and apologize for his regrettable actions.

As he was backing away, Mayweather landed a vicious left-right combination that flattened Ortiz and won him the fight. It was all legal and well within the rules, but the fans in attendance and millions watching at home felt it to be terribly unsportsmanlike and a disappointing ending to a multimillion dollar match-up.

Mayweather, who got closer to fighting analyst Larry Merchant than he ever will "Pac-Man," did little to advance his standing in the boxing community, which at this point may only be accomplished through a Pacquiao superfight.

Will it ever come to fruition?

Let's hear your answer in the comments section below.

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