Why Rampage will beat Jon Jones at UFC 135


      UFC 135 Jon Jones vs Rampage Jackson

  With this event now just around the corner, theres going to more more talk of the fight between Jon jones and Rampage Jackson. Theres going to be alot of shit talking going around mania during this week. Theres going to be Page fans screaming " Page is gunna Knock Jon Jones's head off!!!" And then theres going to be those "elitist" know, those annoying ass posters that seem to think likeing the "better " fighter at the time, or the betting favorite, seems to make them far superior, talking shit on Jones's behalf. Then theres your JJ fans....wait...nevermind. But anyways, alot of people seem to think page has no way of winning this fight other than catching jones. Which is why I'm here to tell you...thats not true.


First things First..... Page is not a one dimensional fighter that hasn't evolved. Its that last part that really tics me off. Not evolving is when your losing your fights using the same style that you have always used ala Fedor, Wand. When you win. When your 7-2 in the UFC beating foes such as Machida, Henderson, and Liddell before he hit a wall, the game hasn't pasted you. And as for being one dimensional, If Page is one dimensional, than so is JDS. One dimensional is some one who can only strike and gets takendown at will. If you have the ability to stop takedowns and keep the fight standing, then your not one dimensional. Aside from fighting rashad with an injured knee, I dont recall Page ever being outwrestled. As for JDS, well, that guy just knocks MoFo's out.


How Page gets it done:

Of course theres the obvious threat of a Knockout when your facing rampage. At any moment of this fight against jones he could rock him, or even put him to sleep. But I feel thats what too many Page fans are saying on this forum. And too many others believe this is his only way out too. But im here to tell you all...its not!!

Any of you remember UFC 123 or 75?? In both of these fight page squared off against fighters that many people on this forum think could beat jones. Yet, when talking about rampage and sayings hes too one dimensional and hasn't evolved, some of you seem to forget he beat both Henderson and Machida. Both were pretty close fights, Machidas being the closer, but still the fact is, rampage edged them both. Page was able to use his wrestling ablility to counter hendersons and then use dirty boxing and some nice combos to beat him on the feet. This is a very good fight to watch if you doubt pages ability, and even if you don;t, its just a good fight to watch.

As for the Machida fight, both fighters were very cautious of one anothers skills, there fore leading to limited action. But because of Pages agressiviness, he was able to win rounds one and two. he landed the more significant shots and even took machida down in the second. Even in the third, when Machida had his flurry, Rampage then countered back right after. Eventually he was taken down, but he was able to find a way back up, almost slammed machida and then land some shots at the end.

What i'm saying is, If page doesn't score the KO/TKO he could easily win a couple close rounds ala Hendo/Machida because of his wrestling ability and striking and come out on top Something gives me the feeling that if this fight is close and goes the difference, Page will get the decision.

Heres to hoping the fight goes somewhat like this ;)




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