UFC fans the real winners at Bud Light's 'Battle on the Bayou' in New Orleans

How many fights will break out when you send over 2,000 rabid mixed martial arts (MMA) fans to a nice hotel in New Orleans and give them 48 consecutive hours of free beer?


There could have been more, but that was the entire line-up booked for UFC Fight Night 25: "Shields vs. Ellenberger," the Bud Light-sponsored event that aired on Spike TV last Saturday night (Sept. 17) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

So much for the "culture of violence."

While it may be hard for the haters to digest, there were no drunken brawls in the hotel lobby. No police in riot gear storming the Ernest N. Morial convention center, even after a several hours of cage fighting.

Even Bourbon Street, notorious for fueling the "Big Easy" fires, was nothing more than just another place to meet new friends, stare at hot girls and drink lots of beer.

This is what it means to be a UFC fan -- and this past weekend was about as good as it gets.

MMAmania.com was on the scene to get a first-hand look at the "Bayou" bash, as Bud Light trucked in the winners of its UFC sweepstakes for the UFC Fight Night 25 event and shacked them up at the Riverside Hilton just outside the city's "French Quarter."

Fans enjoyed a weekend at the hotel complete with all the Bud Light they could drink. Stations were set up throughout the lobby with free-flowing beer and an assortment of hot appetizers.

In addition, several of the world's top fighters, including Shane Carwin, Mark Munoz, Phil Davis, Melvin Guillard and more, were on hand to mix and mingle with the crowd, sign autographs and try their hand at bartending.

And did I mention the kick-ass concert by Chevelle, which played (for free) immediately following the UFC Fight Night 25 weigh-ins?

Food, fights and beer. Recipe for disaster? Not for UFC fans. And that's something the geriatric blowhards in New York will never understand. Mixed martial arts isn't a bar fight with a referee. It's a sport, complete with sportsmanlike conduct.

The Bud Light-sponsored "Battle on the Bayou" is proof of that.

Any MMAmania.com readers attend the festivities? If so, let's hear about your trip in the comments section below.

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