Mayweather vs Ortiz cheap shot: Dana White slams referee Joe Cortez, who says 'Money' did nothing illegal

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Cheap trick?

Floyd Mayweather knocked out Victor Ortiz last Saturday night (Sept. 17) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a hugely controversial finish to the "Star Power" pay-per-view boxing event. Ortiz illegally headbutted Mayweather and after being deducted a point, chose to try to hug "Money" and apologize for his regrettable actions. 

As he was backing away, Mayweather landed a vicious left-right combination that flattened Ortiz and won him the fight. It was all legal and well within the rules, but the fans in attendance and millions watching at home felt it to be terribly unsportsmanlike and a disappointing ending to a multimillion dollar match-up.

UFC President Dana White, a lifelong boxing fan, didn't blame Mayweather (via his official Twitter account), he blamed referee Joe Cortez:

"You can't blame the fighters. The ref is in there to stop that shit from happening! That is the worst ref'n I have ever seen in boxing EVER. Boxers are always going after each other the ref is in there to keep it safe, clean and from turning into a real fight!"

Cortez responds (via after the jump.

"I had already ordered them to continue fighting and the clock was running, but Ortiz wanted to apologize again and he was off guard. Mayweather, who is more experienced, he took advantage, but did nothing illegal. Nowhere is there a rule that says the boxer has to apologize and hug the other fighter and do it at least two or three times. If you get ordered to fight and the clock is running, you have to fight. Ortiz's inexperience cost him the fight."

Protect yourselves at all times.

What say you Maniacs? Is Cortez to blame for not sending the fighters to their corners to restart the fight? Or did he play it by the book and take the fall for the quick-hit ending?

To see a GIF of the controversial ending click here, then sound off in our comments section below.

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