Mania Money Pool 5: Battle on the Bayou Results

Welcome Maniacs to the 5th Season of the Mania Money Pool!  

Last season saw Agar, a lurker, take top prize in impressive fashion by taking an early lead with two top 5 performances to start the season (4th & 2nd respectively), then coming through in the clutch by taking first place in the final event.  Congrats Agar, you fuckin lurker!

Just to recap the first 4 Seasons to date:

Season #1 Champion: Violent Mike

Season #2 Champion: BNF

Season #3 Champion: Violent Mike

Season #4 Champion: Agar

Now, before we get started, special thanks to Jay for taking care of the finances for another season.  Let's not overlook the time and effort some people put into making this shit happen - thanks Jay!  

On to the Bayou!


Last night's free Battle on the Bayou or Battle of the Jakes, was headlined by former Strikeforce Champion and BJJ wonderkid Jake Shields taking on the up and coming hard-hitting welterweight Jake Ellenberger.  Also on the card of significance was the return of Alan Belcher taking on the Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald.

In my opinion, the factors in those 2 fights were: "would Jake's fathers death effect his performance?" and "how would Belcher perform after a year layoff from a serious eye injury?"    Well, looks like Belcher's recovered just fine and passed the test with flying colours.  As for Shields, we're not sure if his head was somewhere else - but it's probably safe to say it was.  

I picked Shields in this fight, thinking he'd be able to get Ellenberger down and control him enough to ride out a decision or pull a sub, but from the beginning I knew he would be in trouble.  Jake was pretty much just walking into the juggernauts bombs to get the clinch, and it was only a matter of time before something landed - and it took less than a minute.

Onto the scores!  Who got gold?  You've Got Gold!

YouveGotGold put up some solid rookie numbers by going 10 for 12 and getting full points on 3 fights.  What really did it for him was taking Vagner Rocha by 2nd round submission and grabbing 22 points.  I actually had that same thing picked and then switched it last second to Rocha by UD, oh well.  

Sarah, Lady of Mania, has shocked the Mania world by taking the silver medal.  She went 9 for 12, also picking Rocha by 2nd round submission.  Has Sarah ditched ANS and AK's advice for another Maniac's?  Let the rumours fly!

Trailing Sarah is NNR, also going 9 for 12 with some solid picks, taking Rocha by submission in round #1 and Ellenberger by KO in round #2 - if only you got the rounds right, good pickin tho.  NNR also picked Seth Baczynski by 2nd round submission.  Impressive.

Underdog Pick of the Night: Jake Ellenberger - Only 8 Maniacs took Ellenberger, while 40 took Shields. I thought it would've been a little more evened out, but looks like Shields' experience was too much for people to overlook.  Justin Edwards was victorious over Jorge Lopez, but picked by none of the Maniacs, while his opponent was picked by 46.  

Dumbass of the Night:  Yan117 - sorry for changing the name of this award Yan, but this is more fitting.  While I'd like to award this to those who scored lower than Yan's 5 points - I find it hard to, considering they didn't make any picks (armbar actually made 1 pick), while Yan117 got 5 points and GOT ALL HIS PICKS IN.  Yes, this is a record low in all of the Seasons.  The only fight Yan got right was Evan Dunham.  Yes, he picked Mike Stumpf who took the fight in 1 week notice.  Well, thanks for scoring lower than me, I thought I mighta been in this position with my terrible performance, but nothing can be worse than this.

 1 85 YouveGotGold View Picks
 2 78 sarah- View Picks
 3 74 NNR View Picks
4 72 ViolentMike View Picks
4 72 DetroitDrew View Picks
6 71 goldmouth View Picks
7 70 TheGeneral View Picks
7 70 TBranson View Picks
9 68 TuffGong View Picks
9 68 vhw View Picks
9 68 TheGreg View Picks
12 65 unambig View Picks
13 64 freenow82 View Picks
14 61 Loonz View Picks
14 61 209stk View Picks
16 60 newfie View Picks
16 60 jayw27 View Picks
18 57 kg12 View Picks
18 57 Agar View Picks
20 56 donkeypunch81 View Picks
21 55 PHISH_NATION View Picks
21 55 Amos14 View Picks
23 52 thepride View Picks
24 50 GriffinFan05 View Picks
24 50 Dlocc View Picks
26 49 scarnon View Picks
27 48 Cali View Picks
27 48 Ponch-hoe View Picks
27 48 P-Dub View Picks
30 47 magicmike View Picks
31 46 AintNoSunshine View Picks
31 46 Dugout View Picks
33 45 Bons_210309 View Picks
34 41 Rilly View Picks
34 41 sicksluggs View Picks
36 40 GotaHemmi View Picks
36 40 Deuce02 View Picks
36 40 ricky-dooby View Picks
39 37 JohnnyWF View Picks
40 35 Two_Words View Picks
41 34 BNF View Picks
41 34 DavidW-S View Picks
43 29 kevjack115 View Picks
44 21 Puck_Head View Picks
45 16 ShivanTiger View Picks
46 15 JetLag View Picks
47 5 Yan117 View Picks
48 0 arm_bar_bandit View Picks
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