Mayweather vs Ortiz results and LIVE fight coverage TONIGHT (Sept. 17) for 'Star Power'


After a sixteen-month hiatus filled with lawsuits and unfortunate arrests, undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. returns to the ring TONIGHT (Sept. 17) to take on brutal upstart "Vicious" Victor Ortiz.

Not to be outdone, fellow high-octane prospect Saul "Canelo" Alvarez will be putting his WBC belt on the line against Alfonso Gomez in a 154-pound slugfest.

Mexican legend Erik "El Terrible" Morales, fresh off a resurgent performance against Marcos Maidana, will be fighting for the WBC light-welterweight title alongside unbeaten Pablo Cesar Cano.

Rounding out the main card is Mayweather protégé Jesus Vargas, taking on Josesito Lopez in a 10-round affair.

The off-TV undercard will be shown free of charge on Yahoo! Sports at 7:00 EST, and our pugilistic associate Bad Left Hook will be hosting the stream on their site. The main card begins at 9:00 EST on HBO.

Complete results and live play-by-play after the jump.

Main Event:

Welterweight Championship: Floyd Mayweather Jr. def. Victor Ortiz by KO at 2:59 in Round Four

Main Card:

Junior Middleweight Championship: Saul Alvarez def. Alfonso Gomez by TKO at 2:36 of Round Six

Junior Welterweight Championship: Erik Morales def. Pablo Cesar Cano by TKO at 3:00 of Round Ten

Junior Welterweight: Jesus Vargas def. Josesito Lopez by Split-Decision (96-93, 94-95, 95-94)


Welterweight: Carson Jones def. Said Ouali by TKO at 3:00 of Round Seven

Super Middleweight: Marco Antonio Periban vs. Dhafir Smith

Lightweight: Anthony Crolla def. Juan Montiel by Split Decision

Super Middleweight: Adonis Stevenson def. Dion Savage by TKO at 1:57 of Round One

Super Featherweight: Kyrone Butler vs. Cassius Clay

Welterweight Championship: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz

Round one: Floyd is so fast; I hate the man, but he’s damn good. Ortiz rushes, but doesn’t land. Straight right for Floyd. Clinch. Good left hand from Ortiz. Good right and lefts from Ortiz in the corner. Good inside work from both men.  Straight left from Victor doesn’t land. Victor comes in and they clinch. There’s the bell and I have it 10-9 Ortiz.

Round two: Left to the body from Victor. Good left from Floyd. Right hand from Mayweather lands. Good left straight from Ortiz.  Clinch, and again. Victor swinging hard. Right to the body from Victor. BIG straight right from Floyd. Ortiz forces Floyd into the corner. Again. Left to the body from Ortiz. Right to the body from Mayweather, Ortiz responds with his left. Floyd landing that right straight. Floyd clinching when Victor gets close. More clinching. There’s the bell and that was Floyd’s round. 19-19 Floyd.

Round three: Floyd’s jab is far superior here. Interesting that he’s working the shoulder roll against a southpaw. Good jab from Floyd. Ortiz isn’t taking it to Floyd like he needs to. Good left hook from Floyd. Nice straight right from Floyd and again.  And AGAIN. Ortiz can’t do anything to Floyd; I don’t think he’s landed more than three punches this round. Mayweather is landing his right hand at will and it’s a clear 10-9 for Floyd. 29-28 same.

Round four: The announcer has decided to try to come up with new nicknames for Floyd. Blargh. Mayweather throwing combinations for the first time in years and he definitely has Victor flustered. Clinch and some dirty work inside for both. Beautiful combo from Floyd. Ortiz has Mayweather against the ropes and is landing decent shots. Mayweather escapes. Ortiz keeps going after his head and hitting air. Floyd right hand lands. Again. Ortiz is backing up and that is exactly what he can’t do. Left hook from Mayweather lands. Oh, right hand sends Mayweather reeling into the ropes. Head contact in the corner and Cortez takes a point from Ortiz. Wait, what?

What just happened? Ortiz just stood there after the ref restarted them and Mayweather knocked him clean out with a one-two. Okay, I have to see the replay because I have no clue what the story is behind that. Barring any shenanigans, that's a knockout for Floyd Mayweather.

Final Result: Mayweather def. Ortiz via knockout

This is interesting; the ref never said "box" after they restarted. He wasn't even looking when it happened. What a disgrace.


Junior Middleweight Championship: Saul Alvarez vs. Alfonso Gomez

Round one: Interesting fact about this fight: it’s actually taking place at a different location than the main Mayweather-Ortiz card. No clue why.

Also, Canelo looks like a less simian, more ginger Forrest Griffin to me. I think I watch too much MMA.

Gomez pushes forward but hits air. Alvarez goes for the body. Canelo with a quick left hook. Jabs from Gomez. Canelo fairly sedate in the early going. Quick jab from Canelo, then a good three-punch combo. Jabs from Gomez. Good jab and left to the body from Canelo. Right from Gomez.  Good hook from Alvarez and Gomez is dropped in the first on a body shot I didn’t even see. There’s the bell and it’s 10-8 Canelo.

Round two: Okay, looking at the replay, I can’t see the punch that dropped him and neither can the announcers. Weird.

Canelo looking for counters. Big right-left-right from Alvarez. Flurry from Gomez does no damage. Good left from Gomez. Alvarez just looks superior in every physical and technical sense. Good flurry from Gomez, then blows to the body. Good combo from Alvarez. Counter right from Gomez. Nasty combo from Alvarez. Good jab from Alvarez. Nice left hook from Canelo. Better round for Gomez, but that was still Alvarez’s round. 20-17 for Canelo.

Round three: Gomez poking the jab out. One-two from Gomez bounces off. Good bodywork from Alvarez; those hands are lightning. Right to the body from Alvarez in response to the same from Gomez. Clinch. Nice right uppercut for Canelo. Body shots bounce off for Gomez. Good right hand from Gomez; Alvarez’s defense is focused on his body. Another good right from Gomez. Left hook from Canelo, then a nasty uppercut. Gomez lands a hard straight and steals this round. 29-27 Alvarez.

Round four: Slip for Gomez. Left hook from Canelo is short. Good combo from Canelo. Gomez fights back with good head and body shots. Nasty jab from Canelo. Gomez has Canelo stuck between him and the ropes and Canelo is getting tagged; I don’t know what he’s doing, but it looks like he’s trying to shoulder roll and failing. Good short left from Canelo, then a good jab from Gomez. Alvarez whiffs a big right uppercut, then lands a good high-low combo. Nasty uppercuts landing for Alvarez, but Gomez is tagging Canelo very well. Gomez is hurting Canelo and he is right back in this fight. 10-9 Gomez, 38-37 Canelo overall.

Round five: Gomez is faster than I thought. Gomez pushes Alvarez to the ropes. Hard uppercut from Canelo hits guard. Big rights from Gomez as Canelo is pressed into the ropes. Gomez is landing big shots here; I have no idea what Canelo is doing, but whatever it is, it’s a bad idea. Hard hook from Gomez. Good jabs from Gomez. Good right from Canelo lands. Quick exchanges up close. Good right-left from Canelo and he’s starting to do better. Another good combo from Alvarez, but runs into a right hand from Gomez. Gomez lands a good right hand and I think won this round. 47-47.

Round six: Canelo now in a more traditional guard. Good. Good jabs from Alvarez. Good right-left from Canelo. Canelo’s back is against the ropes for a second. Good two punches from Gomez, then a nasty right straight from Alvarez. Right from Gomez. Good jab from Alvarez, returned by Gomez. Oh Gomez is stung big by a nasty combo and they stop it with both fighters on their feet. Canelo had his back against the corner when he unloaded the initial burst. Still a lot of work to be done before Canelo hits his prime, but still fine work.

Round seven:

Round eight:

Round nine:

Round ten:

Round eleven:

Round twelve:

Final Result: Alvarez def. Gomez via TKO



Junior Welterweight Championship: Erik  Morales vs. Pablo Cesar Cano

Round one: War “El Terrible”. Let’s see if he can become the first four-division Mexican champion.

For some reason, Morales looks like a Mexican Adrian Brody to me. Am I alone?

Anyway, boxing.  Cano poking the jab out. Morales jab to the body. Right straight from Cano bounces off. Jab from Morales. One-two from Cano falls short. Both fighters respectful of the other’s power. One-two from Morales goes short. Good body shot from Cano. Good jabs from Cano. Good left hooks from Cano. Nice left hook. Jabs from Morales. Cano looks like the faster man by far. Counter left from Morales leads to a flurry from Cano. 10-9 for the young’un.

Round two: Good counter one-two from Cano. Morales pushing forward but getting countered. Jab from Morales. Jab from Cano. Good overhand right from Morales. Double jab from Cano lands, then a big right hand staggers Morales. Morales looks okay, but Cano is landing his left hook well.  Good right from Cano. Morales is looking for the overhand right. Cano misses a wild overhand right. Good left from Cano. Nice body-head combo from Cano seals another round for the prospect. 20-18 Cano.

Round three: Morales is apparently cut under his eye; not sure when that happened. Good jabs from Cano. Good left from Morales in response. Good jabs from Morales, who is then hit with the same. One-two from Morales misses. Good combo from Morales. Cano’s flurry misses. Good shot from Morales. Morales is standing toe-to-toe and doing well. Morales is pushing Cano back. Jabs from Cano, who runs smack into Erik’s jab. Much better round for the legend. 29-28 Cano.

Round four: Jab to the body from Morales. Jab-overhand right from Morales. Morales moving much better now. Good right hand from Morales backs up Cano, but Cano lands three in sequence. Another good overhand from Morales. Good left from Morales. Again. Nasty overhand right torques Cano’s neck. Morales is pushing Cano back now. Good right from Cano lands. One-two from Morales. Body shot from Cano doesn’t land hard. Very good round for Morales and we’re all tied up. 38-38

Round five: Fighters touch ‘em up in the center. Jab from Morales. Cano tries to respond with a right but doesn’t land well. Good jabs from Morales. Erik chasing a cut on Cano’s left eye. Wild shots from Cano miss. Cano is much more tentative now that he’s felt Morales’s strength. Triple left hook from Cano misses. Good jab from Cano in response to some from Erik. Good one-two from Morales. Cano forcing Morales into the ropes and landing good shots. Great head movement from Morales avoids too much damage. Good overhand right from Morales and another. We’ve got a hell of a scrap brewing in center ring. Morales takes the round and the lead. 47-46 Morales.

Round six: Good jab from Cano. Lefts from Morales land well. Good lead overhand from Morales. Nice jab from Morales. Three shot combo from Cano bounces off the guard. Jab from Morales to the body. Good shots from Cano, but Morales’s jab is backing him up. Good right from Cano. Good left from Morales. Cano responds well. Cano just isn’t landing well anymore and it’s another Morales round. 58-56 Morales.

Round seven: Jab from Cano. Jab exchange. Morales looking for the right overhand. Good right from Cano backs up Morales. Counter left from Morales works well, then a right hand. Two more right hands from Morales and again; he wants to take out that cut. Goot right again from Morales. Good uppercut from Cano. One-two from Morales. Cano backing up Morales. Overhand counter from Morales, but Cano pushes him back and lands to the body. Good overhand right to uppercut from Cano. Cano stole this round in the end; 67-66 Morales.

Round eight: Lefts from Cano, better lefts from Morales. One-two from Morales lands well. Good left-right from Cano. Nasty right-left from Morales and that eye is really ugly. Jab exchange. Lead right from Cano. Whiffs from Cano. Jabs and straights back up Cano. Lead right from Cano, but nothing behind it. Hard body shots from Cano do not faze Morales. The facial damage on Cano is enough for me to give this to Morales. Cano’s eye is not pretty at all. 77-75 Morales.

Round nine: Good combo from Cano. Oh, big overhand from Morales. Another good right from Morales; Cano not committing to anything. Another good one-two from Morales. Good jab from Cano.  Another big overhand right from Morales then a snapping left hand. Overhand right again; money punch for Morales. That eye is awful. Morales getting the better of the exchanges. Cano still has a solid jab but not landing anything significant. Cano pushes him back to the ropes, but it’s still Morales’s round. 87-84 Morales.

Round ten: Good lead right from Morales. Jab exchange. Good left-right from Morales. Double jab from Cano doesn’t land. Good right from Cano lands, but not hard. Even exchange inside. Good right hand from Morales. Cano is in full retreat and oh my goodness that eye is horrible. Doctor looking at the cut, but he lets it continue. Both of Cano’s eyes now swelling. Good right-left from Morales, who has smelled blood. Another right-left from Morales and I think Cano’s corner needs to stop it; both eyes are a mess.

And they do. Erik Morales is the WBC junior welterweight champion and the first four-division Mexican champion in history.

Final Result: Morales def. Cano via TKO (Corner Stoppage)


Junior Welterweight: Jesus Vargas vs. Josesito Lopez

Round one: Jesse Vargas’s nickname is apparently “The New Generation”. This fills me with inexplicable rage.

Let’s get the main card started. Lopez rips to the body early. Jabs from Vargas, then a lunging right to the body. Big flurry from Lopez, nothing lands clean.  Vargas looking for the body shot. Counter left hook from Lopez lands. Good left from Vargas. Big rights from Vargas land home, then a good left counter. Vargas finding his range well. Lopez presses Vargas against the ropes and they clinch. Vargas looking for the counter left hook. Said hook lands for Lopez. Good left to the body from Vargas and they clinch. Jab exchange at the end; good round. 10-9 Vargas.

Round two: Lopez muscles his way forward. Lopez pawing with the jab, Vargas responds in kind. Good hooks from Vargas. Triple jab from Vargas. Wild overhand right misses for Vargas. One-two from Vargas. Fighters dig to each other’s bodies. Clinch. Quick jabs from Vargas. Good right hand from Lopez forces Vargas back. Flurry from Vargas dings off the guard. Clinch. One-two from Vargas bounces off. Hard body blow from Lopez, Vargas answers in kind. Good body blow from Vargas and they trade inside. Another close round, but 20-18 Vargas.

Round three:Lopez trying to use his size to get close. Snapping jab from Vargas keeping him at bay. Good right-left from Vargas. Quick exchange inside. Vargas’s jab doing a very good job of setting up flurries. My feed has just cut out, but apparently Lopez badly outlanded Vargas, so 29-28 Vargas.

Round four: Feed’s back. Lopez explodes on the body of Vargas. Vargas working the jab. Good left-right from Vargas. Oh, nice right-straight from Vargas. Nasty left to the body from Vargas. Lopez finally manages to force Vargas into the ropes but can’t capitalize. Lopez trying to cut off the ring but isn’t generating offense. Clinch against the ropes. Hard body shot from Vargas. Good little flurry to end a decidedly Vargas round. 39-37 for the Mayweather fighter.

Round five: Lopez forcing Vargas back. Vargas lands a good three punches. Again from Vargas. Lopez trying to bully Vargas around but Vargas is landing much cleaner blows. Jab exchange. Good one-two from Vargas, who is constantly caught against the ropes but is landing better blows. Vargas bullies him back and lands some decent shots. Hard left to the body from Vargas. Good round; nice aggression from Lopez, but Vargas landed much better blows. 49-46 Vargas.

Round six: Good jabs from Vargas. Counter rights from Lopez falling short. Hard shot in the clinch from Vargas. Lopez bullying Vargas around. Good body blows from Vargas. Jab trading, Lopez getting the better of it. Good one-two from Vargas, but Lopez is walking him down. Big lead right from Lopez lands home. Clinch. Vargas lands a good right. Clash of heads in the clinch. Lopez hurts Vargas with an uppercut. Lopez is cut, probably from that accidental headbutt. Reckless abandon for Lopez, who wins the round. 58-56 Vargas.

Round seven: Vargas flicking out the jab. More bullying for Lopez. Vargas almost gets backed into the ropes but escapes. Hard traded body shots; Vargas’s sound a bit nastier. Good double left to the head from Vargas. Jab from Lopez lands. Good stream of jabs from Vargas, then a three-punch combo. Vargas is trapped in the corner and Lopez lands some hard shots before he escapes. Good left from Vargas. Lopez swinging big whenever he gets Vargas into the corner. Good straight shots from Vargas, but they don’t have much pep behind them. Clinching near the end and Vargas looks a bit tired. This fight is extremely even. 67-66 Vargas.

Round eight: Vargas is very flat-footed at this point. Good left hook from Lopez. Good right to the gut from Vargas and then an ugly low blow. Weeks is taking a point from Vargas; seems a bit premature to me. Didn’t even warn Vargas. Fight restarts. Lopez tries to explode but gets caught in the clinch. Vargas is landing good straight blows; he’s fighting with some urgency now. Good lead right from Lopez. Vargas is doing good work backing up. Good lefts from Vargas. Lopez lands a big right and forces Vargas into the ropes. Lopez swinging wild blows. I think Vargas landed slightly better for a 9-9 round. 76-75 Vargas.

Round nine: Two rounds to go and they are integral. Clinch and Vargas falls over; not a good sign. Lopez needs to turn it up right now because I don’t think Vargas has the energy left to hold him off. Feed cuts out again. Without any other indication, I’m going to go with Scott from BLH and the announcers and give it to Vargas. 86-84 Vargas.

Round ten: Oh Jesus, that cut is nasty on Lopez. Good one-two from Vargas and for the first time, Lopez is backing up. Hard left hook from Lopez, but Vargas landing much better. Clinch. Lopez rips to the body. Lopez needs to close the show but he’s not doing anything; just covering up as Vargas jabs. Good left from Vargas. Right from Vargas lands. Good counter from Vargas. Right from Lopez lands fairly well. Good four punches from Vargas. Counter left from Vargas lands. Lopez is finally going all out and forces Vargas back into the corner, Clinch, but Lopez explodes again as they reset. Clinch. Lopez gives it everything he has, but I don’t think it’s quite enough. I wanna say 10-10; two solid minutes from Vargas and then one good minute from Lopez. I think I’ll give it to Lopez, but it’s not enough on my scorecard. 95-94 Vargas in an excellent fight that could go either way.

Final Result: 95-94 Lopez, 96-93 Vargas, and 95-94 for the winner: Jessie Vargas.


Welterweight: Said Ouali vs.Carson Jones

Round one: Alright, time for a nice ten-rounder. Strikes me as odd that they’re using the metric system for the tale of the tape, but oh well.

Ouali in southpaw. Tentative start. Hard body shot from Jones. Left to the body from Ouali, Jones doubles up to the body. Good body shots from Jones. Sneak right hook from Ouali gets through. Good left jab from Ouali. Left straight from Ouali bounces off. Jones targeting the body. Ouali having success with his right hand. More body blows from Jones. Ouali looking for the right uppercut, answered with body shots. Good one-two from Ouali. Big right hook from Ouali whiffs. Jones moving Ouali into the corner but he escapes. Good combo from Jones. Ouali looks to have hurt Jones with a right hook near the end, but Jones was the better puncher. 10-9 Carson Jones.

Round two: Jabs to the body from Ouali. Three-punch combo kicks off a flurry from Jones. Hard combos from Jones, mixing it up high and low. Good jab from Jones. Right uppercut lands from Ouali. Jones digging hard to the body. Good one-two from Ouali, then a left straight low. Right uppercut form Jones, then a left to the body. Trading jabs. Ouali looking for the body, Jones hitting there much better. Jab exchange. Left straight form Ouali bounces off. Right uppercut for Jones, then hard body shots, then the uppercut again. Good straight punches from Ouali. Near-miss from a Jones uppercut. Left straights hurting Jones near the end; close round. 19-19.

Round three: Good jabs from Ouali. Body shots from Jones. Good body shot exchange. Ouali stinging Jones with his right. Hard body shots from Jones, who is throwing heaters. Ouali pawing with the jab. Good right hook from Ouali, Jones responds with body shots. Good straight combos from Ouali. Jones trying to get inside and still ripping to the body. Ouali’s jab is dowing very well. Jones stung by a right hook upstairs. More body blows from Jones, Ouali throwing hard straight shots. Body work for Jones near the ropes. Good right hook from Ouali and they exchange at the bell. 29-28 Ouali.

Round four: Tentative in the early going. Good uppercut from Jones . Jones flurrying hard and landing well. Ouali escapes the ropes and looks okay. Ouali not throwing as much this round. Jones slams punches to the body. Ouali stumbles Jones with his right. And again; the right of Ouali is nasty. Jones reverts to body punching. Left to the body from Ouali. Good body shot from Jones. Jones switches between high and low and smashes Ouali to the ground with a left hook. Good knockdown. Ouali’s back up but he’s getting hurt against the ropes. Ten seconds and Ouali will survive the round. 38-37 Jones.

Round five: Ouali looks recovered. Good left to the body from Jones, then a flurry. Good right uppercuts from Ouali, but jones is hitting hard and often. Left hook to the body for Jones. Ouali with a good right hook. Jones is working the hook-uppercut combo and doing well with it. Hard right uppercut from Jones. Hard right hook from Ouali and Jones is hurt. Jones backed up into the ropes but he looks okay. Hook-uppercut from Jones and a counter right from Ouali. Ouali  lands a good right hook. Up-close now and Jones throwing hard combos. Jones combining body and head work very effectively. Ouali had him hurt, though, so 47-47.

Round six: Jones digs to the body again. Ouali staggered by Jones but looks okay. Good right hook counter from Jones and then the hook-uppercut combo. More bodywork from Jones. Body exchange in the center. Jones digging hard to the body. Punches in bunches from Jones. Ouali misses a big right hand. Ouali seems to have figured out that uppercut and it’s getting hit with it, but a right straight from Jones works well. Oauli stings Jones with a three-punch combo, then the doctor comes to check a swollen right eye for Ouali. They continue and Jones is undeterred. Hard right hook from Ouali. Again. Ouali finishes strong, but that was Jones’s round. 57-56 Jones.

Round seven: Right straight then three punches from Jones work well. More body work from Carsoli trapped against the ropes and eating gnarly punches to the gut. Right uppercut from Jones hurting Ouali. Jones lands the hook-uppercut again. Ouali is fighting off his back foot. Ouali stung with a left-right. Hard right hook for Ouali lands but doesn’t stop Jones’s advance. Ouali forced into the ropes. Jones reacts to a good right by forcing Ouali into the ropes. Jones is dictating the fight now; 67-65 Jones.


Doctor looking at Ouali’s swollen eye and they call the fight. TKO win for Jones after a very solid night of work.


Final Result: Jones def. Ouali via TKO (Doctor Stoppage)


Super Middleweight: Marco Antonio Periban vs. Dhafir Smith

Round one:

Round two:

Round three:

Round four:

Round five:

Round six:

Round seven:

Round eight:

Final Result:


Lightweight: Anthony Crolla vs. Juan Montiel

Round one:

Round two:

Round three: Alright, they’re gonna show Crolla-Montiel starting in round 3.

Crolla stalking Montiel, gets hit with an uppercut to the body. Crolla backed up by Montiel, starts moving forward again. Montiel trying to counter but it’s not slowing Crolla down. Two hard shots to the liver from Crolla, who gets hit with a counter combo. Crolla working the body, absorbs some hard lefts to the body. Montiel is fighting off his back foot and I’m not sure how effective he can be from there. Crolla gets close and Montiel flurries. Hard combo to the body from Crolla. Crolla counters to the body; the story just seems to be “Crolla hits body, slips counter punches, resets”. Montiel lands a hard left before the bell, but 10-9 Crolla.

Round four: Crolla still moving forward. Trading jabs in the center. Body shots from both sides, left hook to the head from Crolla. Liver shot from Crolla, then a quick exchange of body blows. Montiel starting to push back. Hard liver shots from Montiel. Crolla still backing him up, but Montiel landing a bit more cleanly. Clinch from the two. Counter liver shot from Crolla then double lefts to the head. Again; Montiel definitely moving forward a bit better. One-two from Crolla, returned in kind buy Montiel. Crolla unable to push Montiel back this round. Good uppercut from Montiel. Left whiffs from Crolla. Better round for Montiel; 10-9 for the Mexican.

Round five: One-two from Crolla. Left hands exchanged. Good flurry from Montiel who now pushes Crolla into the corner. Good body shot from Crolla. Double lefts from Crolla. Jab from Crolla. Good double left counter for Crolla. Montiel isn’t landing cleanly aside from a big low blow. Montiel stumbles but is okay. Every time Montiel comes in, they’re both flurrying but Crolla’s hitting better. Montiel lands to the body, Crolla lands better. Montiel bleeding now. Good left hook from Crolla. Nice defense from Crolla and that’ll win him the round 10-9.

Round six: Crolla pushing forward; the announcers simply can’t pronounce his name correctly. Good body punches from Crolla. Montiel throwing good punches, including a nice uppercut, but nothing is landing cleanly. Montiel tagged with a hard right, lands a glancing blow to the body in return. Crolla doubles up to the body. Montiel is zeroing in with the left to the body but it’s not hurting Crolla. Hard flurry from Montiel bounces off. Quick exchange of body shots with Crolla coming out on top. Good up-down combo from Montiel. I’m actually giving this round to Montiel; he’s the more active fighter.

Round seven: One-two from Crolla to start the round. Both fighters still look fresh. Good body shot from Crolla, then two rights to the head. One-two from Montiel unsuccessful.  Good exchange inside; Montiel seems to get the better of it. Good left hook from Crolla, equally good left from Montiel. Good body shot from Montiel. Montiel with the much greater output, but Crolal landing more cleanly. Close-up exchange in center ring with a good left hook from Crolla. Clinch. Pawing right lands for Crolla, big left to the body from Montiel glances off. Montiel on the attack but is getting hit with cleaner blows and there’s the bell. 10-9 Crolla for better punches.

Round eight: Trading blocked lefts. Hook to the body for Montiel, who again is bouncing off the guard of Crolla. Good inside exchange. Montiel with a big combo, but nothing is getting through all that well. Crolla having success with counters. Good left hooks from Crolla. Montiel targeting the body and eats a hard left to the head. Montiel is getting his head jacked back every time he gets close; plenty of heart but he can’t avoid the counters. Crolla’s shell has yet to be pierced. Good aggression from Montiel and he’s sneaking in a good hit once in a while, but Crolla is punishing him . Good hard flurry from both men to end the fight and this one is 10-9 Crolla.

Final Result: 77-75, 75-77, and 78-74 for the winner by split-decision, Anthony Crolla


Super Middleweight: Adonis Stevenson vs. Dion Savage

Round one: Savage and Stevenson to legitimately kick this night of boxing off. Tony Weeks, the man who scored Dunham-Griffin for Griffin, is the referee.

Stevenson pawing with the right jab, left straight bounces off. One-two from Stevenson, who gets sparked slightly by a return left. Stevenson likes the one-two. Hard left to the body and Stevenson starts digging in with both hands. Counter from Savage, high-low combo from Stevenson. Stevenson drops Savage with a punch I didn’t even see, but he went down ugly. Savage up again and getting tenderized in the corner. Hard, hard beatdown from Stevenson; this might be stopped and it is. First round TKO win for Adonis Stevenson; great body work from the Canadian.

Oh, it was a monster left uppercut that dropped Savage; couldn’t see it from my angle. Good little scrap to start things off.

Final Result: Stevenson def. Savage by TKO



Super Featherweight: Kyrone Butler vs. Cassius Clay

Round one:

Round two:

Round three:

Round four:

Final Result:


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