MMMANIA! (Mixed Music and Martial Arts)



This will be a weekly, bi-weekly or whenever I get the freakin' time to keep doing installments all about Maniacs and there ties to music in there life.  We all know music plays a vital role in MMA promotions, weather it be commercials and adds to walk out music. 

This installment we will be talking about our history with music as we have experienced it in our lives, weather it be as an musical artist or diehard fan. 

My Musical Background and some of my favorite tunes and inspirations AFTER THE JUMP!

I have been a member of Mania for I don't know, 3 years or so and this is my first FanPost.  It is on the one topic I enjoy more than MMA and that is music and this thread will be an area for Maniacs to share what tunes they are currently listening to and to share some hidden gems.  Key word is "share" and please do because I love the community feel to Mania!

I got my first guitar in 7th grade, my mom really wanted me to get a guitar as she grew up playing as well.  When she was 11 she struck dumb luck gold by just happening to select a 1960s Gibson ES-335 that she bought for around $200 and is now worth well of 4 grand!  I soon met my best friend and we jammed together from 7th grade through high school.  I went and played college football and he went on to Berklee School of Music in Boston and is now in LA as a professional drummer. Here is a video of the last band we were in together senior year of High School, video of us HERE  (I am the big long haired guy on the far side of the vid, cops broke this show up due to old people complaining, and yes they had a noise permit for the show!  The people putting on the show checked everyone for alcohol, if girls had a purse they had to either let them search it or don't come in.  The cops detained 200+ people and breathalized us all.  Kids were going to house parties, drinking and coming back.  They didn't find a shred of booze in the place but had to have a reason for having 7 cops there so they shut them down for their back door being locked... fire code, ugh!). 

After doing some college football I was very desperate to play in another band and I got into a situation with some guys that were more into drugging up than playing music and that was a huge let down.  That led to having the opportunity to play bass for a group of guys I grew up watching play.  I was so stoked, these guys were Death Metal Pioneers in the Midwest, playing in death metal bands in the Midwest in the late 80s and early 90s.  I sadly had to move away for my job.  Here is a video for a song on there new album Click me harder than Sonnen choking in a championship match! (the only shot of me is at the 3:35 mark and again I am on the far side, only played with them for about 6 months). 

Since leaving them I am currently doing a project with the singer of that band (who has been the front man for a pretty big touring band on Facedown records).  Here is a rough draft track from that project that is just in its infancy, no name to the band yet:  END GAME

That is a real quick look at where I come from musically... A LOT OF METAL, but I enjoy many, many genres from classical and folk to grind core/death metal.

My Biggest Influence Musically and all time favorite band:  PanterA

Old School PanterA (they had some earlier albums that were more in the vein of glam rock sounding but this is the era most know them for)


Middle Era PanterA:


I'm Broken

The late and last years PanterA: 

Drag the Waters

Revolution is My Name

Yesterday Don't Mean Shit


So, how about my fellow Maniacs?  Anyone else have a LOVE for music weather that be playing or listening or DJing or whatever?  If so please share your musical background and as well as your ONE biggest influence.  There will be more threads to come to share other items.

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