Ultimate Fighter 14: Is 'Mayhem' Miller 'TUF' enough to give Michael Bisping a Bully Beatdown?

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What happens when the star of a reality television show attempts to make the transition and become...the star of another reality television show?

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fans will find out when the 14th season of Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) reality series The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) kicks off with Michael Bisping and "Mayhem" Jason Miller as coaches on Wed., Sept. 21 on Spike TV. 

TUF 14 will not be Miller's first foray into the realm of reality entertainment. As most fans know, Miller was the host and star of the MTV series "Bully Beatdown," which featured Miller going around the country seeking to help out the punked and bullied by taunting their tormenters into getting into a cage with a professional MMA fighter.

Bisping, Miller's adversary on this season of TUF, could quite possibly be mistaken for one of the bullies on Miller's former series. With his brash bravado and often off-color behavior, "The Count" could easily fill in for your every day, run-of-the-mill dork destroyer.

Does Miller have what it takes to bring down the bully himself this time? 

The real question might be: "Will these two even end up fighting each other?"

History shows us that three of the last four seasons didn't even end with the respective coaches fighting each other. It's hard to get too attached to the rivalry between the coaches themselves when somewhere in the back our heads, we have to question whether the Octagon exchange will ever go down.

Let's assume that it does come to fruition. How would this middleweight match-up resolve?

First, let start off with the experience factor. It's close. Miller has 32 fights to his credit. Bisping? 24. The numbers don't tell the whole tale. Miller owns the edge in international experience, which can be a totally different ballgame. You try playing the role of "The Yank" against the Japanese hometown hero and see how you like it. Miller is no PRIDE legend, but he's definitely paid his dues overseas. Bisping has fought largely in America and England. It's not a run-away, but I'm giving Miller the edge: 10-9.

Next, how about the stand-up game? Of Bisping's 21 wins, 13 have come by knockout. Compare that to Miller's six KO wins. Bisping is also arguably the better traditional striker. Miller can still put you to sleep, but it's more likely to come as a result of an unorthodox strike that came at the perfect time and angle. Bisping has a stronger background in both boxing and kickboxing. I give the nod to Bisping: 10-8.

Let's head to the canvas. There's no point in belaboring the obvious. Miller's expertise in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and catch wrestling vastly outweigh what Bisping is able to do on the ground. That being said, Bisping is not a slouch on the ground. He does own three submission wins and has some very good takedown defense. It isn't that Bisping is terrible in this respect, Miller is just better. This round goes to Miller: 10-8.

Today's MMA fighter is expected to be well rounded and complete in their knowledge of different disciplines. In this area, I feel that both fighters are, again, very well matched. With all things being equal, Miller's muay thai and catch wrestling give him the edge. Miller just has more ways to win a fight and more weapons in his arsenal. Miller by a nose in this round: 10-9.

In the final round, let's take a look at "killer instinct." All the skill sets in the world won't get you there if you don't have the drive and lack of sympathy for your opponent to step on their throat and extinguish their final flame. Six of Bisping's 24 fights have gone to the judges' scorecards. Miller has had nine of his fights go to decision, as well as one "no decision." Both fighters look to finish fights. I just feel that Bisping is a the more ruthless of the two (just ask Jorge Rivera). I think Bisping wins in this aspect: 10-9.

So here's the final round-up if you're scoring at home: 

Experience: Miller 10, Bisping 9

Stand-up game: Bisping 10, Miller 8

Ground game: Miller 10, Bisping 8

Well-roundedness: Miller 10, Bisping 9

Killer instinct: Bisping 10, Miller 9

Final scores: Miller 47, Bisping 46

What did I get wrong, Maniacs? Get your calculators out so you can out-MMA-geek me!

Sound off!

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