Fantasy Football B-League: Week 1 Recap

Well it's Tuesday, so you know what that means...the football week is officially over. Time to go over some fantasy stats. Without further ado...


magicmike     105     (Top Performer: G. Jennings - 21)

Jersey Devil   117     (Top Performer: T. Brady - 45)


I was winning this game by 33 going into last night and, well, we all saw what Tom Brady did...and in case you didn't, he put up 45 motherfucking points. I talked to VM earlier in the day and he said that Brady had about a "20 percent chance" of putting up 33...I wonder what he woulda said the chances were of him putting up 45. In other news, don't start Austin Collie when Peyton Manning isn't playing - he doesn't do shit, and pray that Steven Jackson comes back sooner than later; he put up 11 points on one play, just imagine what he could do with a whole game...


Donkeypunch         104     (Top Performer: T. Romo - 21)

PHISH_NATION    125     (Top Performer: M. Stafford - 28)


This game was already sealed up going into last night's action, but Phish used Darren McFadden's solid night to run up the score a little bit. Both teams in this game performed strikingly close to their projected scores this game, so if anybody pays attention to those things (I know I won't anymore), Phish knew he was going to win this game by about 20 points immediately after the draft. Score one for peace of mind.


OJR                       126     (Top Performer: R. Wayne - 23)

doonerthesooner   83      (Top Performer: D. Jackson - 22)


In this week's resident B-league blowout, OJR won by 43 points over our...let's just say "interesting decision maker" dooner. Our favorite Sooner followed up his first round pick of DeAngelo Williams by sitting Cam Newton (smart move, but 36 points) and Drew Brees (dumb move, evidenced by 37 points) in favor of Matt Schaub (10 points). And knowing what's coming up this next weekend, and being a FSU fan, this made me happy.


ClayMMAn            146     (Top Performer: K. Britt - 30)

AintNoSunshine    111     (Top Performer: K. Kolb/Ravens D - 22)


No real big story coming out of this game; ANS decided to start Arian Foster even after it came out that he was that's some confidence in your star player. But even had he decided to start one of his backups (Green-Ellis and Spiller), with the majority of Clay's team overachieving, namely the aforementioned Bayonne, NJ native Mr. Britt, the game was already out of reach.


David W-S                              127     (Top Performer: M. Vick - 26)

littledemons (aka Brutus892) 142     (Top Performer: A. Rodgers - 30)


This is another game that was all sewn up going into last night. Brutus had the lead and a player to go when MNF started last night. Despite Brady going for 517 and 4, though, Chad Ochocinco only had 2 points anyway. Shocker. Davey really coulda gotten some help by Pitt's D not shitting the bed and picking up negative points for him, had the score been flipped, this games outcome coulda been very different. Don't believe me? Go back up and check out ANS' top performer(s)...


GriffinFan05        151      (Top Performer: W. Welker - 36)

YouveGotGold     153     (Top Performer: M. Forte - 26)


Our top scoring game of the week was also our closest. Both teams went about getting their 150+ different ways; GriffinFan went with some guys going HUGE and some guys going muy pequito, while YGG went with all his guys having solid games. This matchup also featured the most players going last night (5 combined), including one in the late game, and Kyle Orton was able to pull it out for Goldie.


Great week of football. I will always take a win from my real team than my fantasy team, so Sunday night was a thing of beauty for me. Some other great games and great performances this week as well, and idk about you guys, but I'm very excited for this season. Let's look ahead to next week's fantasy matchups, shall we...


magicmike - {115 proj}


PHISH_NATION - {130 proj}


donkeypunch - {114 proj}


ClayMMAn - {128 proj}


OJR - {97 proj}


David W-S - {120 proj}


doonerthesooner - {94 proj}


GriffinFan05 - {115 proj}


AintNoSunshine - {111 proj}


Jersey Devil - {104 proj}


littledemons - {113 proj}


YouveGotGold - {129 proj}


In the words of the always eloquent Bart Scott...CAN'T WAIT!!!

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