MMAmania Fantasy Football Week 1 Results  ***** UPDATED *****

The first week of the NFL Season is over and boy, oh boy, am I’m happy that its back.  Sunday’s just aren’t the same without football. 


So let’s hop into our fantasy business -


The top fantasy performers ON SUNDAY were (let me know if you see a theme here):


1. Steve Smith – 37 points – on DetroitDrew’s bench

1. Drew Brees – 37 points – Deuce02

3. Cam Newton – 36 points – ViolentMike’s bench

4. Mike Tolbert – 35 points – Dragay’s bench

5. Ryan Fitzpatrick – 32 points – Puck Head’s bench


Son of a bench!  Now that right there is a lot of bench points.  But is there anyone here that we can point and laugh at?  Let’s take a look.  In a 12 team, one QB league, Cam Newton in his week 1 debut was unstartable, especially with Roethlisberger on the same team (hindsight is 20/20).  Puck didn’t start Fitzy because he has Matt Ryan.  Even against the Bears, Ryan came into the season as a must start in a 12 team league.  I’m already starting to wonder if he will remain one throughout the season.  DetroitDrew played Fred Jackson in his flex rather than Steve Smith.  I’m not a fan of the Bills RB situation so I’m no Fred Jackson fan.  Regardless, Steve Smith would have been a risky play with Newton throwing him the ball.  But when you have an anti-ban bet, sometimes you need to take risks.  And then we get to my opponent this week, Dragay.  Due to the Foster injury, Dragay thought it would be smart to pick up Derrick Ward, and start him at flex this week.  Ward?  Really?  Not even a Ben Tate?  And you knew that Tolbert was the starter in SD, right?  Dragay takes the cake for worst starting lineup decision of the week.  Thanks, pal!

HOLY SHIT was there a lot of fantasy production in that NE/MIA game last night.  Over 500 yards passing for Brady.  Over 400 yards passing for Henne.  A 99 yard TD catch by Welker.  This game was bonkers.  And for that, here are the top 3 players from that one single game:


1.  Tom Brady - 45 points - BJPennFan

2.  Chad Henne - 40 points - Free Agent

3.  Wes Welker - 36 points - The General


And now, lets take a gander at the  results of our weekly matchups


ViolentMike – 119

Dragay – 101


Mmachamp -    134

BJPennFan – 141


Deuce02 – 129

DetroitDrew – 136

Welcome back Drew!


Jay – 120

Puck Head – 66


 The General – 173

Buster Bluth – 149


Kevjack115 – 136

Ulf Murphy – 133





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