DRAFT DAY IS HERE!!!!! Time for Smack Talk!

Alright you FFB maniacs, guess what today is???  Yup, everyone but Jay's dumb ass  guessed correctly.  Today is draft day, bitches!  Both the A-League and the B-League are holding their live drafts simultaneously.  They will both be held  at 10 pm ET on yahoo.   Make sure that your browser allows for pop ups on yahoo so that the draft window will load successfully.  In fact, I HIGHLY recommend doing a mock draft on yahoo asap if you have not done so already.  It will get you used to how the draft window works.  If you don't show up to the draft, your team will be autodrafted - and remember you can still set your custom player rankings up until approx 9 pm.  I think that the draft window will load as early as 9:30, so that is when I intend on logging into yahoo.  I'll also be sitting in this thread chatting it up to whoever is here.


A-LEAGUE PARTICIPANTS - Thanks again for playing and donating your hard earned money to me and my inevitable championship.  I am looking forward to drafting with you all tonight and making fun of your awful picks.  Especially Drew's.  I hear he discovered some wizard through CraigsList and is using a magical formula derived by the ancient Mayan civilization to use during the draft.  Too bad his formula sucks.  He can probably get better draft advice reading the back of a Similac bottle.


Draft Order for the A-League is as follows:


1.   Puck Head

2.   mmachamp

3.   Dragay

4.   Deuce02

5.   ViolentMike

6.   kevjack115

7.   DetroitDrew1980

8.   The General

9.   Buster Bluth

10.   jay.

11.   bjpennfan

12.   Ulf Murphy


Please not that this is a snake draft, so that means Murphy has the first pick of the 2nd round and Puck has the last pick of the 2nd round.


LEAGUE-B PARTICIPANTS - if you have not yet registered your team on Yahoo, please do so immediately.  This is a MUST.  If you are not signed up by 9 pm (but don't wait till the last minute) the B League will crumble and cease to exist.  You already paid, so PLEASE REGISTER.  OJR sent the invite via email.  Also, when registering, your team name must be your mania screen name.  It makes it a lot easier to tell who is who.


Draft Order for the B-League is as follows:


Actually, I don't know what it is yet.  Nobody knows yet.  And nobody can know until all 12  teams are registered.  I can't stress the urgency on this enough.  Please register via yahoo right now if you have not done so already.  OJR emailed you the invite.  Its in your inbox.


The participants for the B-League are as follows:




David W-S






Jersey Devil




Just about everyone that played last season returned for this season (we only had 1 league last year).  I'd hope that most people plan on returning.  Trust me, this will be the funnest fantasy league you've ever been in!  So this is how we will be operating moving forward each season.  Each season, the bottom 2 teams from the A-League will be demoted to the B-League and the 2 teams that meet in the Super Bowl of the B-League will graduate to the A-League.


Now that the formalities are out of the way, we can all talk shit amongst ourselves until then, right here.  If you are participating in either FFB league, it is mandatory to stop by this thread and randomly talk shit about someone in your league. 

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