Steven Seagal lawsuit stems from armored raid that left 120 chickens marked for death

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In addition to teaching Brazilians how to throw front kicks, bloated B-movie action star Steven Seagal is also a reality show Sheriff, as cameras follow him in performance of his duties as a reserve deputy in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Hard to imagine something would go wrong on a show titled "Steven Seagal: Lawman."

But wrong it went, as Seagal and his fellow deputies, along with the Maricopa County SWAT team (decked out in riot gear), executed a full-blown raid (including a bomb robot) on the home of a suspected felon back on March 9, 2011.

The best part?

Seagal himself was riding in the armored TANK that rammed down the homeowner's gate.

So what was this dastardly villain accused of? Drug trafficking? Murder in the first? Bank robbery? Nope. Jesus Sanchez Llovera was suspected of raising roosters for the purposes of cockfighting.


Inside Edition has more:

Robert Campos, the attorney for homeowner Jesus Llovera, says the elaborate raid was nothing more than a staged stunt to make Seagal look good for the cameras that were filming the entire time.

"One of the armored vehicles busted [one gate] in at the same time Steven Seagal and his tank were on the other side busting down a big iron fence," said Campos.

Campos also claims that after the large iron gate was knocked down, it was then propped back up so Steven Seagal could get in the tank and be videotaped knocking it down again. The tank and the SWAT team caused thousands of dollars in damages, according to the lawyer.

Llovera, who was not armed and has no history of violence, says he felt like he was under siege. He says the SWAT team came through his window with a battering ram, forced him out of bed at gun point and Seagal led him away in handcuffs, all without ever explaining why he was being arrested. The entire scene was videotaped for the show.

"They killed over a 100 of his birds," explained Campos. Yes, it's true. The raid designed to rescue these chickens ended in death for 120 of the roosters.

In the end, thousands of dollars in damages were incurred, 100+ chickens were euthanized and one puppy was killed.

Just another day at the office for the "Lawman" and his cronies under contract to A&E.

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