Ortiz vs Evans: Maniac's Playing Pick Em'

Tomorrow, Saturday August 6th, 2011 the UFC will have another night of fights hosted by the city of Philadelphia headlined by Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans. The match up will be the second between the two, the first time ending in a draw at UFC 73.

Rashad is coming off a 14 month layoff while Tito is on a short fight camp of less then four weeks since he was last seen choking out Ryan Bader.

Who will win? Some of us Maniac's weigh in after the jump.


Tito will get his chance to improve on his cheating ways in this one. Had the man not grabbed the fence in his first bout with Rashad, the LHW landscape might look a little different. Tito is riding high off his unexpected victory over Ryan Bader and he hopes to come out and repeat his performance against Suga. There is just one problem. Rashad is not Ryan Bader. Rashad will be too quick for Tito and the Huntington Beach Bad Boy can expect to get picked apart on the feet and tossed on his back for some vicious ground and pound. Rashad via strikes in round 2. 


Rashad will circle and feint as if he is going to engage on the feet with Tito.  Much like he did with Rampage, Rashad will try an overhand right and then will drop a level to attempt the clinch and TD. Tito will be defending against the clinch and will unable to put together any significant offense.  I see Tito attempting some sneaky BJJ while on the ground with Rashad - but to no avail. Rashad will keep top control and do enough GnP to take a UD.

The clock strikes midnight for Tito's fairy tale.


Heart or brain, heart or brain? That is my dilemma. Being a huge Tito Ortiz fan and a happy camper after he kept his clock running by destroying Bader, I want to believe the Huntington Beach Bad Boy can do it again. However, Rashad has some of the best wrestling in all of the sport mixed it with a pretty above average striking game. Tito is still an unevolved power wrestler with limited striking. Match up wise you have to go with Rashad right? I'll take the gamble, Tito out muscles Rashad to a decision.

Tito Ortiz, welcome back to relevancy


What say you Maniac's? Agree with one of us? Have any of your own insight to share?

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