Chael Sonnen Interview: Anderson Silva is a blatant cheater, Fedor's a bum & Okami beating Silva.


Interview with Chael Sonnen done for MMA/UFC Fanatics forum/Tatame.

CharactersAnalysis on Board here with Former UFC Middleweight Title Contender Chael Sonnen.




CA: The Infamous Chael Sonnen, It's been a rocky road Chael, but you are back and you are able to compete at UFC 136 against Brian Stann, are you excited to be back and facing a rising contender like Stann In which a win could put you right back in title contention.

Sonnen: I'm extremely excited to be fighting once again and fighting a top contender like Brian Stann none the less.

CA: With all that transpired with Bisping and Wanderlei Silva during your absence, would you have wanted to fight either of them more than Brian Stann who is a friend to you?

Sonnen: I wanted a fight, Whether it was against Spitsbing or the guy with the worst record in the UFC, it didn't really matter to me, Those two are much easier fights than a fight against Brian Stann.

CA:What do you feel you have to worry about the most with Brian Stann at UFC 136?

Sonnen: Everything Brian Stann is a true champion, he's dangerous wherever the fight goes, he's a tough fight for me and I'm training extremely hard for this fight.

CA: Recently you've made some comments about Fedor Emelianenko and other fighters from Pride being overrated and having "fake" fights, Can you justify these comments?

Sonnen: I most certainly can, Fedor can win all those fights in Japan but he's 3-3 in America, which is his real record by the way. Mirko Cro Cop is Koing all these guys in Japan and he can't be 1 reasonable opponent in the UFC! Wanderlei Silva is 2-7 in the UFC and He was the best LHW fighter of that time; Not to mention that the LHW division sucks and has always sucked!

CA: Did you see Fedor's last fight against Dan Henderson and how do you feel about the outcome of the fight?

Sonnen: I feel like saying "I told you so" to all the people that thought that Bum could beat someone like Dan Henderson.

CA: How do you feel about Japanese fighter making the crossover from JMMA to America?

Sonnen: Japanese fighters are horrible, they can't win 1 fight in the UFC, KID Yammoto's supposed to be the best featherweight and he can't beat someone smaller than him! Gomi can't get lucky and land a punch in all his fights.

CA: Dan Henderson has fought a majority of his fights in Pride, are his wins also "fake"?

Sonnen: Dan Henderson came over to the UFC and fought and beat good competition, he went over to Strikeforce and did the same thing.

CA: You offered to step up in at UFC 133 and fight Rashad Evans at LHW, what were your reasons for that?

Sonnen: I wanted an easy win, The division sucks for crying out loud they had a Karate guy as their champion; A movie star is the number 1 contender for the Championship, the division is a freakshow always has been.

CA: You've done some training with Yushin Okami in preparation for his fight against Anderson Silva, How do you think that fight will play out?

Sonnen: I see Okami exposing that cheater the same way he did in their first fight, he can't Duck Okami this time around.

CA: How does Yushin get it done?

Sonnen: I think this is gonna be 5 round fight, Yushin has to push the pace for 5 rounds, make it a street fight and he'll walk away the champion.

CA: Just wanna get your thoughts on Anderson Silva VS Yushin Okami 1 and how that fight ended?

Sonnen: Okami beat Silva, Silva was in the guard and Instead of working some of his "Jiu Jitsu" he goes and gets himself disqualified, cheating himself and Okami, He try's to explain to the referee that it was an accident but he knows the rules, he knew the rules going into the fight, He knew the rules when he through that kick! Anderson Silva is a blatant cheater.

CA: Are you looking forward to eventually avenging that loss to Anderson Silva?

Sonnen: Loss, When you punch another man in the face for 23 minutes and he goes and wraps his legs around you, that isn't a win, IDK what the hell it is, but it isn't a win.

CA: Who's the best Pound For Pound fighter on the planet?

Sonnen:Their isn't one, the sport is to young to have a p4p best, their isn't a belt  that says p4p and there's not an organization called p4p.

CA: I would like to hear the story about the Nogueira brothers and the bus one more time, since I'm Brazilian and I myself found it funny?

Sonnen: Big Nog is petting a horse and trying to feed it a carrot while Lil Nog is holding it and trying to ride it saying "Whoa" TO A BUS! That's why I didn't assume you guys had computers down here.

CA: Will you be in attendance at UFC 134?

Sonnen: I will be in attendance to watch Yushin Okami defeat Anderson Silva.

CA: Thanks for the time Chael and good luck in your match against Stann.

Sonnen: Thank you and Good luck in your match as well.



UFC 136 Predictions from Chael Sonnen:Edgar, Kenny, Maia, Guillard & Pettis

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