By The Numbers: Mania Money Pool Season 4, Season Ending Awards

I am home from work, sick, and bored.  So I decided to break down the numbers from our pick 'em pool season.  If you hate breaking down statistics or did not participate, stop reading now.  This will probably bore you to tears.  So anyway, let's get to it and hand out season ending awards.

Best Picker: Agar

It goes without saying that the best picker has to go to Agar.  He won the damn thing. With an event average of 68.75, Agar did a great job with round and methods as he did not have the best picking percentage.  That award goes to...

Best Picking Percentage: NNR

With a 66/23 recored, NNR eclipsed everyone in our camp at a 74% correct rate.  Being two fights better than Agar, I can't help to wonder if NNR had not laid an egg on UFC 131 (5/7 for 27 points) what his margin of victory would have been. But because NNR did not heed a few warnings to overestimate the power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu over freestyle wrestling, NNR officially gets the "Second Place Words" monicker for the upcoming season.

Most Consistent Picker: kg12

Coming in 18th place overall, and having a 66% correct rate, kg 12 never got more than a 63 and never got lower than a 47.  He was consistently average and for that he wins an award, but gets to pay $20 to try again at being more than average.

Best One Week Picker AND Worst Picks from One Event to Another: Two-Words

He wowed us with his writing ability and made us laugh every week until personal issues caused a replacement to be found.  Two-Words struck fear into the hearts of the leaderboard during our third event. Catapulting himself into 4th place and looking to finally shed that "Second-Place Words" monicker, Two-Words scored an amazing 98 points, a number that lasted through 8 total events and 2 more 12 fight events.  For that he wins Best One Week Picker and gets to carry over his event prize to season 5.  Too bad he followed that up with a stink-bomb 39 at UFC on VS 4 to go out of the top 5 for the rest of the season, making his 59 point swing the worst swing of the season.

Best Picks from One Event to Another AND Worst One Week Picks:

Just when everyone thought the man was only here to make fun of people and post boner picks after his worst ever 10 point event (we will get to that later) at the TUF 13 Finale, abb redeems himself with a more than respectable 82 points at UFC 131.  His 72 point spread was bettered by a few Maniacs that "forgot" to bank their picks, or "got locked out" of finishing their picks. Since I disqualified everyone that didn't pick or didn't get all their picks in (yes Keller, I am looking at you) abb wins worst one week picks as well with a whooping 2 correct without round or method. 10 points.  Wow.  42nd place sucks, but abb swallows, so it is only fitting he landed here.

Most Inconsistent Picker: Ain'tNoSunshine

With a 66 point swing from his best event to his worst, ANS proved why they have not promoted him from sweeping the floors at Greg's.  Almost winning both "best picks from from one event to another" and "worst picks from one event to another", ANS couldn't find a groove all season.  He was all over the place and it cost him the top 10.  Kind of like his supposed fight career.

Best Picks that Meant Nothing: d'locc

D spent most of the season in the money only to get edged by theGreg and NNR at the last event.  D didn't win a weekly event.  For that his picks were a complete and utter waste of time. 

Miss Congeniality: theGreg

Taking 3rd place while commenting often, this guy proved that you can be successful in making picks and be an all-around nice guy. Always positive in his well-wishing and letting his picks and MMA knowledge stand on their own, theGreg picked up a cool $100 and made no enemies that I am aware of.  For that he wins Miss Congeniality.

Best Quitter Award: Davidakos

Making picks in only 2 events, why did you even bother?  Thanks for contributing to the pool.

Best Quitter Who Shouldn't Have Award: Sergio Garcia

I look into our camp for the season and see Sergio having the best picking percentage on our team, and can't help to wonder why he didn't finish.  Three events at 78% could have easily vaulted Applejack into the top 3.  Maybe the new gig on Cageside takes up too much of your time?  It is pretty easy to guess which WWE superstar is slated to win if you look for the spoilers online, though, so I imagine he found greener pastures, or better marks to win money from.  Nobody ever said Texans were tough.

Mexican Math Award: vhw_

After re-checking my numbers, there are a few Maniacs that were not given enough points for the last event and a few that were given too many.  The number of people who quit the last round are no excuse for messing up the numbers and vhw_ wins this award because he is both mexican and a computer guy yet still couldn't get it right.  ViolentMike should be the most angry as he ended up in the top 20, not where he was listed.

And Finally...

Dumbest Bet Award: DetroitDrew

No reason to explain.  We'll see you in January.  I honestly want to know how your summer refining your BBQ techniques, fixing your mopeds and shooting your guns has been.  Shoot me an e-mail, even if you think i am a crybaby girl for taking Deuce's side in your silly little fight. 

That's a wrap folks. Season 5 starts in three weeks so get jay your money and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE nominate your own award winners in the comment section.

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