*****UPDATE #2***** Last Ditch Recruitment Effort - FFB B-League...**2 SPOTS LEFT**

Man what a bunch of pussies

That’s it, I may not know the first thing about the NFL or the yahoo fantasy league (can the English even enter?) and I don’t even know what time the draft is in my timezone nor do I have much money to throw away in a league that I have no chance of winning but I’ll step up. You yankee doodle “football fans” should be ashamed of yourselves.

OJR what’s your paypal address?

Anderson Silva is the P4P GOAT
31-4 (14-0 UFC), 9 successful title defences, 10 championship wins
The numbers don't lie

by David W-S on Aug 30, 2011 5:18 PM EDT reply actions  


I'll do it.

I’d be interested in the last spot if you guys wouldn’t mind.

by Brutus892 on Aug 31, 2011 3:36 PM EDT up reply actions  


Alright, so Davey stepped up from another motherfucking where they don't even play American football. One day later, Brutus came to bat for the Maniac community, and it was greatly appreciated, my man. The rest of you have NO EXCUSE not to get in line right behind them now. Please refer to the rest of the post if you need another reason aside from the example David and Brutus already set.


This is bullshit. The Mania Fantasy Football B-League Draft is coming up in just over 24 hours, and we only have 10 FUCKING PEOPLE SIGNED UP TO PLAY!!!

I'm not coming with the booty pics that OJR does. Because I'm playing bad cop in this scene; I mean fucking business. Unfortunately, some people have decided that, despite their love of football and steady income, they are too pussy to spend the $25 dollars to join the league and have some fun (Scotti, Cali, LJ...I'm looking at you). I seem to remember redfox inquiring as well, but as of now has NOT signed up, so I will lump him in with the pussies as well.


Alright, obviously I'm being over the top. But in all seriousness, Fantasy is going to be a lot of fun, more fun than should preclude you from spending $25 dollars. Please join, everyone in B-League would appreciate it.


Now to answer a couple FAQs, if you will...

Yes, ANYONE can join. Whether you're a regular like some of the gentlemen I mentioned above, or a lurker who has less than 120 comments, you're more than welcome to join the league. If you're going to have fun with it, while still taking it somewhat seriously, we have no reason to exclude you.

No, the B-League is NOT the worse of the two leagues. The fact that it is the B-league does not mean it is number 2. How could it be the number 2 league when the best fantasy football participant (myself) is a member? Think about that for a moment...


Now for some of the logistics. The payouts are as follows:

Super Bowl Champ - $150

Runner-Up - $75

Most Points during the regular season - $75


The current members are as follows:




David W-S








As I said...2 spots left, with basically anyone and everyone eligible to play. And lets be honest guys, $25 dollars is not that much. I'm a broke college kid, and I can afford it. Granted, I'll be making $225 back, but that's neither here nor there. Anybody wanna prove me wrong? Be my guest, all you gotta do is join...


The draft is fucking TOMORROW, and as much as the league works with 10 people, we'd really like a full 12 to match up with the number of participants in the A-hole League. Just know, if you want to join, and you're going to make number eleven, it's just as much of your job to recruit as it is mine, because if we have an odd number of teams so the league won't run as smoothly. Let's go children, step up to the plate. At least act like you don't have gaping vaginas...

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