Why Fedor Emelianenko should NOT retire


The 'Last Emperor' in the newt coming days, weeks, months and maybe years(s)will allow 'God' to decide whether his reign shall come to a rest.

The seemingly invincible Russian ran through all of Pride Fighting Championships best, he ran through former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champions like a hot knife through butter. He beat the likes of Mirko Filipovich, Antonio Rodrrigo Nogueira, Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski.

Many fans seem to blame his recent losses to Fabricio Werdum, Antonio Silva and Dan Henderson to his camps, trainers, M-1 Global and his age. They said his size was the factor but after so many years of facing bigger opponents could size of the opponent be the factor?. Maybe it is his rangle of skills but when you look at his resume you will see he struck with the strikers he grappled the grapplers. He also beat many of those at their very own game.

Maybe we underestimate how good Werdum, Big Foot and Hendo really are or maybe father time has just come to claim Fedor from us.

Fedor regardless of his recent woes should not retire and throw in the towel. Fedor should admit he no longer can fight elite anymore but his value can help any organization gain a foot in the Zuffa monopoly.

Fedor never die.

I watched Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson and saw two legends square off in the cage to see who was still going on strong and who was fading. Two men without a binding contract to Strikeforce were maybe both finishing their careers off in one last epic tussle.

Henderson, at one time was the 'other' guy from the famed Team Quest who came in the UFC for a coffee. He may have won UFC 17 but he won it 'grinding' out victories like Jon Fitch. After the UFC Henderson left for the greener pastures of overseas where he won the RINGS king of kings 1999 tournament and established his name. He went over to Pride FC and won the welterweight and middleweight championships. Like some sort of war scientist he developed a savage right ahnd which became famous due to announcer Mauro Ranaullo dubbed it the 'H-Bomb'.

In-step leg kick + overhand right=boom.

Fedor, rose up the MMA pipe faster then super mario could in any level in his world. He dominated RINGS, PRIDE FC, Affliction by smashing former UFC champions, PRIDE FC number one contenders, K-1 stars as if it was nothing to him.

Let's look at the facts without bias, He is 1-3 in Strikeforce, he is 1-3 inside a cage instead of a ring, he lost to a former ADCC champion, he lost to the former PRIDE FC welterweight and middleweight champion and a man who is a totem pole with actual talent unlike Hong Mon Choi.

I know a lot of you do not like Antonio Silva and that is fine but he is not a joke but, rather an emerging star in MMA. He lost to Fabricio Werdum a former ADCC champion and a fighter who is held in the highest regards for any black belt in the heavyweight division. He also lost to Dan Henderson with unbelievable power who clearly is able to knock people from their senses with a two inch punch.

Facts are that unlike Chuck Liddell, Andrei Arlovski and Matt Lindland is that out of all his losses he was knocked out just once. To question his chin is stupid since, he at5e a fair amount from 'BigFoot' and only a doctor stopped him from a third round.

The benefit of Fedor being on your roster is unquestionable but only at the right price. When Strikeforce signed Fedor they signed an undefeated and arguably the greatest fighter in the history of MMA. He was worth the risk at 6-7 figure paydays because if Fedor ran house through your entire heavyweight division then you had a goldmine.

That goldmine ended when Fedor got choked out by Fabricio Werdum in the first two minutes. The fight fans clearly in shock but when you're that good a loss will be elaborated upon. When Fedor faced Antonio Silva in the quarter-finals of the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix it was to be his re-birth of a streak. The whole plot line was laid out; once undefeated and now in a tournament to regain his allure against a 'Bigfoot'. What happened instead was that 'Bigfoot' stomped Fedor's legacy with absolutely no respect and it was the first time the former world champion had looked like he was in a car crash.

The final nail in his Strikeforce coffin was this past Saturday against Dan Henderson at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson when Fedor suffered his one and only knock out loss thus far. His contract expired after the fight and M-1 global lost all it's bargaining chips.

Let's examine some possible places that Fedor benefit from being apart of:

Bellator Fighting Championship:

This would be highly unlikely seeing their trying to keep fighter costs down and not just add castaways that may be over the hill. Fedor will command atleast $150,000-$500,00 a fight. I'd be surprised if even Hector Lombard cracks a $80,000 a fight as the banner fighter.

Ratings for hard to find Showtime did crack 500,000 so maybe a more accessible MTV2 would help bolster ratings and if worst come sto worst give more lifeline to Bellator in the long run. The hardest part would be finding Fedor fights beacause you would not want to get current heavyweight champion Cole Konrad laying face first without riding him out some more.

If M-1 backed off it's crazy Russian demands of equal sharing then maybe Bellator takes an offer sheet for the 'Last Emperor' while his value is at an all-time low.


With Strikeforce/Zuffa cutting now-former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem and Dream's partnership with Overeem we may see a new year's eve showdown.

Japan's flagship promotion's biggest stars are Shinya Aoki and Gegard Mousasi but with the decline of Japanese MMA occurring we may see DREAM take an offer to Fedor. The fans of Japan will not let PRIDE die and this may be a nice way to end an illustrious career for the Russian.

If Dream can arrange Fedor vs. Overeem as a one big time blow out between both fighters then it may serve them extremely well to bring more recognition to DREAM.


Ultimate Fighting Championship:

Dana White doesn't hate Fedor or really think is a bum of any sorts. He has to know deep down without admitting that Fedor is the greatest heavyweight ever because he has never said a heavyweight was better. The UFC will not deal with contract terrorist like M-1 global or even consider doing co-promotion.

If Fedor finally admits his days as a fun loving soft heavyweight are over and decides cutting weight to 205 his value goes up. The possible match-ups of Lyoto Machida, Mauricio Rua, Rampage Jackson and Jon Jones=money, money and more money.

I bet Dana, Lorenzo and Joe Silva are truly evaluating this option and will keep it very hush. I am sure they wouldn't mind giving Fedor a one shot payday of the neighbourhood of $200,00 plus incentives to fight at 205 or even Brock Lesnar. A fight between Brock Lesnar and Fedor will easily sell a million pay per views buys and event merchandise.

If Brock beats Fedor then you get to use all the hype of the 'Brockness Monster' is back and ready or you get to be the guy's who helped revive the 'Last Emperor'. It also gives Dana all his ammo to say Brock was always better and he told us so or that Fedor just proved him wrong.


Maniac's, i would love to hear what ya think about this and what would you do if you were one of these companies.

By the way IF Fedor decides it's over it will be a day of reflection of the greatest heavyweight of all time.

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