A House Divided: Luiz Cane makes history at UFC 134

For those who missed UFC 134, you not only missed the spectacle of the Spider doing his thing, or the shocking "upset" by Minotauro, you also missed a supernatural phenomenon never before seen in the Octogon.  It went something like this:...

Once considered one of the most promising prospects at 205 Luis Cane was expected by most to defeat newcomer Stanislav Nedkov in spectacular fashion.  With his superior speed, boxing, and considerable reach advantage, Cane looked to make a big splash in his home country of Brazil and continue the nights unbroken streak of homefield victories.  And as the fight began it seemed that he would do just that.  He seemed to be completely outclassing the shorter, slower Nedkov with his hands as the Bulgarian tried in repeated desperation to land a big looping overhand punch.  Then something bizarre happened. 

Nedkov hit Cane on the temple and Cane's face seemed to say, "So what! I'll make you pay for that!"  Unfortunately, his legs and his brain could not come to agreement on this point and his legs expressed their views by saying to his head, "What? Didn't you feel that? Screw you, Dipshit, we're going to the house!"  Which they promptly attempted to do, skipping along like an epileptic emu and jumping directly into the cage wall while the rest of Cane's body was still attempting to fight.

With the kind of pity one feels for a wounded mouse convulsing in a trap, Nedkov finished off Cane and Cane became not only the only Brazilian to lose to a foreigner that night, but also the first Brazilian ever to declare independence from his own lower appendages

(props to danago for finding this gif for me)

For the non-Brazillian Maniacs, I should point out that Cane's nickname, "Banha" is derived from the latin "bon haha" which in English roughly translates to "good for a laugh".  And he certainly lived up to his nickname on this occasion. 

Meanwhile, back at the Cane family home.....we see that perhaps this disorder runs in the family.


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