The Silva/GSP Dilemma



Dear Maniacs,

After watching UFC 134, I have come to a pretty solid conclusion. We have the opportunity to watch one of the best fighters to ever grace the octagon. Anderson Silva has not been even scathed in his entire octagon career (with the exception of the Chael fight of course) and the spider still came through. Prior to this fight, many maniacs were discussing who is the greatest right now, Georges St. Pierre or Anderson Silva. It was pretty easy to build an argument for both. After this weekend, it is pretty clear that Silva takes the crown right now. I read in an article that while GSP may "dominate" his opponents, the spider "decimates" them. I would like to take a look at the numbers between the two. 

St. Pierre/Silva           

22-2-0  31-4-0 Complete Record

17-2-0  14-0-0 UFC Record

13  24 Finishes in Career

7  12 Finishes in UFC

6  9 Title Streak



Now, here is where the tricky part comes in. GSP (30) is 6 years younger than Silva (36). Silva started to fight in the UFC when he was 30! With the talks of the two fighting being always a subject every now and then, if they don't fight, how do you compare the two? Technically, GSP has actually been in the UFC longer by a year, but by the time he is 36, will he have a better record and stats than Silva? Also, what if he moves up a weight class permanently? That is something Silva is pretty set on not doing even though he had two fights at 205, so does that make GSP more competitive and willing to prove he will fight anyone? Sound off Maniacs!

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