Silva vs Okami: Maniac's Playing Pick 'Em


Tomorrow, August 27th the UFC returns to Brazil. The home of Royce Gracie, UFC tournament champion and mixed martial arts legend and pioneer. However, we wont be focusing on the grappling of the nights superstar. Instead, all eyes will be on the wrestling of the challenger and the lightning quick hands and prolific striking of champion, Anderson Silva.

Yushin Okami enters the bout with an impressive resume. On a 3-fight win streak Okami is 10-2 overall in the UFC and throughout his career has beat notable fighters Nate Marquadt, Jake Shields, Dean Lister and Mark Munoz. He is a smothering, powerful grappler who has developed thunderous punches. This is Okami’s first time flirting with superstar status as a long awaited shot for glory has finally come his way.

Anderson Silva enters the Octagon as easily the most successful champion in UFC History. With a record of 13-0 for the promotion, he has had nine title fights and has beat notable fighters Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, Rich Franklin (twice) and Vitor Belfort who are all MMA World Champions. With arguably the best striking arsenal in mixed martial arts today Anderson Silva already has quite an impressive highlight reel, he will look to add another trophy to his mantle against his newest challenger Yushin Okami.

With a little back history between the two, this fight is a heavily talked about and has been discussed since the controversial ending to the first fight. That fight saw Anderson Silva winning on the feet as Okami desperately attempted to get the fight to the ground. When finally successful, Anderson landed an illegal upkick that knocked Okami out completely.

We will get some clarification on who between the two will reign supreme, to see what us Maniac’s think let’s check it out after the jump.  


Prediction? This ain’t no stinking prediction. This is a fact. Silva will beat Okami before the 3rd round. Yushin isn't getting out of the 3rd. Silva has shown he can submit wrestlers, knock out strikers, and dance with Jiu Jitsu players. Okami is a good (not great) wrestler, a good (not great) striker, and won't choke himself out on the ground but doesn’t have the greatest jits skills either. Okami tends to telegraph his shots, and he tends to be a slow starter. Silva will exploit this. I see a well timed knee on the way in for Okami. Silva will finish Okami faster than Holland throws his V-neck on when its T-shirt time. Yushin is well-rounded, and is the clear number 1 contender. However, Silva is on a totally different planet when it comes to skillsets.


Prediction: Silva via 2nd round TKO.


Okami's game plan:  defy all odds and duplicate Sonnen's success by dragging Andy to the ground.  

Andy's game plan: Strafe Okami with strikes and prove to MMA fans why he is deserving of the current GOAT status. 


Okami will feint some punches and attempt to clinch up high before changing levels to get the TD.  Andy will counter by stuffing Okami and taking out his legs with vicious kicks.  Okami will then respond with a series of desperation TD's. 

Andy will time Okami's attempts...and unleash a brutal knee to the face. 


As Okami does the chicken dance, Andy laser beams him into oblivion. 


Andy via TKO.


Brazil celebrates. 


Andy wiggles his hips... 


And all is right with the MMA world.


Anderson Silva was put on this earth to destroy others, that's obvious by now. The man rarely loses and rarely goes to decision, and this weekend will be no different. I see Anderson coming out with a lot of intensity and a lot of that attitude most of us have come to know and loathe. He will open up this fight with his usual one minute grace period to allow his opponent to think he might actually have a shot to mount some offense. He'll then start picking Yushin apart with his lethal Muay Thai attack, all the while also bombarding Okami with a barrage of trash talk, a la Forrest Griffin. And the offense will not stop. The difference between this fight and most of his others boils down to one thing - the events of January 20th, 2006. This fight gives Anderson the chance to do something he's never done before, which is saying a lot, and that is avenge a loss. A loss that came in a fight he was winning before an unfortunate DQ. I truly believe that we are going to see an Anderson Silva we have never seen before this Saturday. I usually think of Silva as skilled, efficient, technical, etc. One adjective I don't usually associate with his fighting style is violent. This Saturday, Anderson Silva will be violent, while still being every other aforementioned adjective at the same time. Okami will not make it out of the first round; Silva (T)KO round 1.


Thunder has been spending a lot of time with the king of trolls, Chael Sonnen, in an attempt to gleam some knowledge from the man who came the closest to stopping the Spider's run through the UFC Middleweight division. Yushin is a strong wrestler who has a good top game and a smothering style. Look for Yushin to try to get in close and work for singles, doubles or any other way to get Silva onto his back. Yushin will get Silva down, but he won't be able to keep him there. Silva is going to hurt Yushin in the scramble and finish up with another TKO. Andy will retain his belt after dispatching Yushin in the 3rd round.


I don’t know that this will be the easy convincing win many are proclaiming for Anderson Silva. I don’t expect it to be so easy Silva will be considered for UFC on FOX this coming November. Okami isn’t a push over and has seemingly grown leaps and bounds since his first UFC fight. I think Okami will find himself on top of Anderson and winning a few exchanges. But come on we are talking Anderson Silva, the best fighter in the world and the best champion the sport currently has to offer. Silva will do what ever it takes to keep the fight standing and pick his shots diligently until he picks off Okami in the later rounds. I think straight left does the job.


The sports best fighter continues to wreck all his opposition. Anderson via KO Round 3


Let's hear it Maniac's, agree with any of us? Have your own predictions and thoughts? Air them out here!

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