Fights for the fans

I thought about fights I'd like to see, UFC, Strikeforce ect. So here are a few I'd love to see over the coming months and years. Throw some out there that you guys want to see as well.


1- Nick Diaz vs BJ Penn (welterweight bout)

2-Brian Stann vs Vitor Belfort (Middleweight)

3-John Hathaway vs Rory MacDonald (Welterweight)

4-Jake Shields vs Anderson Silva(Middleweight bout)

5-Jake Shields vs Jon Fitch(Welterweight)

6-Matt Mitrione vs Ben Rothwell (huge experience difference but still fun to watch)(Heavyweight)

7-Brock Lesnar vs Alastair Overeem(Heavyweight)

8-Travis Browne vs Dave Herman(Heavyweight)

9-Pat Berry vs Brandan Schaub(Heavyweight)

10-Frank Mir vs Cain Velasquez/ Junior Dos Santos loser(Heavyweight) 

11-Michael Bisping vs Vitor Belfort(Middleweight)

12-Brian Stann vs Michael Bisping(Middleweight)

13-Lyoto Machida vs Jon Jones(Light Heavyweight)

14-Lyoto Machida vs Dan Henderson(Light Heavyweight)

15-Shogun vs Thaigo Silva(Light Heavyweight)

16-Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar(Featherweight or lightweight bout)

17-Frankie Edgar vs Gilbert Melendez(Lightweight)

18-Gomi vs Gray Maynard(Lightweight)

19-Anthony Pettis vs Denis Sever (Lightweight)

20-Tiequan Zhang vs Chan Sung Cung(Featherweight)

21-Megumi Fujii vs Yuka Tsuji

There are a lot of fights out there for all of these guys. And I'm sure there are plenty of fights you guys want to see. 

Who likes these fights as unlikely as they are to happen?

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