FFB A-League Update: Ulf or ANS?  **** Updated with Draft Order ****

Ok, so I just heard back from diceman.  He said that he will not be playing this season  His reason was because he feels that playing in a league with me is like throwing his money away because he, like most everyone else, feels like I am a lock to repeat as champion ;-)


So now we have an opening in the A-League.  As commissioner I have narrowed the nominees down to two choices.  Old Man Ulf Murphy or the Supposed Figher But Actually a Janitor ANS.  Now its time to vote on who you want in the league. 


The only votes that will actually count will be made by the 11 members of the A-League.  Please leave your vote in the comments section.  I'm also adding a poll as well so everyone can vote just for shits and giggles, but this is unofficial.  Only A-League members votes count.

A quick reminder that the live draft is Thursday Sept 1st at 10 pm ET.  The fee for the league is $25.


Payouts are:

Super Bowl Champ = $150

Runner Up = $75

Most Points in the regular season = $75




As for payments in the A League, I have received payment from:







Buster Bluth




The following people STILL NEED TO MAKE PAYMENT TO ME VIA PAYPAL!!!!  Please send $25 to carmelo327 at and select "Personal / Other" for the reason so we don't have to pay any fees. 



Puck Head

Jay - will be paying after the Rio event and he pays out the winners of the money pool.


GENO AND PUCK HEAD, please let me know when you will be paying.  Thanks.


And now, the vote to see who makes it into the A-League!


*********************************************  UPDATE  *******************************************************************


Alright, I just had Yahoo randomly select our draft order.  Here it is:


1.   Puck Head
2.   League Votes...
3.   Dragay
4.   Deuce02
5.   ViolentMike
6.   kevjack115
7.   DetroitDrew1980
8.   The General
9.   Buster Bluth
10.   jay.
11.   bjpennfan
12.   Ulf Murphy



Remember, trading draft positions is allowed.  Trades would be agreed upon in the comments section, although you can negotiate via email or any other way you'd like if you feel the need.


Now lets all point and laugh at Ulf for picking last!!!!  HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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