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The UFC hall of fame(HOF) is a prestigous group. There are 7 fighters and 1 major influence on MMA amongst its ranks. Here is a list of the seven fighters,

1 Royce Gracie

2 Dan Severn

3 Ken Shamrock

4 Chuck Liddell

5 Randy Couture

6 Mark Coleman

7 Matt Hughes

Find out who I think should be future hall of famers after the jump. Note: this is based on current accomplishments, possible future defenses/ title victories are not taken into account

Category 1: The Shoo-ins

Tito Ortiz: His major accomplishments include holding the UFC light heavy weight longer than anyone else with 5 title defenses. He is an innovator of the sport and for many years has had legions of fanatical followers and haters. The fact the WMMA fighter Ronda Rousey said WMMA needed a Tito Ortiz just shows how much he influenced the landscape. Dana recently said Tito would be in the HOF.

Anderson Silva: What can be said about Anderson that hasn't been said before? Undefeated in the UFC, with the most title defenses of anyone. He also has the longest consecutive win steak ever in the UFC. Anderson destroys his opponents with ease and deserves HOF status.

George St Pierre: GSP is the most dominant welterweight champ ever. While many fans complain about his lack of killer instinct he has dominated one of the most stacked divisions in the UFC. He has 6 title defenses to his credit and has been looking very dominant as of late. Unless a major controversy occurs, GSP is a Shoo-in

BJ Penn: One of the most naturally gifted fighters ever, BJ Penn is one of two fighters to hold a belt in two seperate divisions. BJ's run of dominance includes wins over Sean Sherk, Matt Hughes, Diego Sanchez, Jens Pulver, Matt Serra, and Kenny Florian. While BJ is not consistent, he is a killer when on his game.

Category 2: The Probablies

Rich Franklin: In the before times of the UFC(Before Anderson killed off 13 people) Rich was the UFC middleweight champ. He defended the belt twice and is known for exciting fights. While Rich's title work alone may not have earned him HOF, he is a company man and is loved by fans and Dana White himself.

Forrest Griffin: Forrest Griffin won the UFC light heavyweight title and then lost it in his first defense. That is not what makes him HOF worthy. His fight with Stephan Bonnar does. That fight has been called the number 1 fight in UFC history and the most important for all of MMA. Without that fight, we wouldn't be talking about the new UFC and Spike deal, we would be talking about whether the UFC will live another 10 years.

Tim Sylvia: How far Tim has fallen. Tim Sylvia defended the UFC heavyweight belt 5 times in his career,something no other UFC heavyweight can say. Aside from a steriod controversy and his recent lacklust(fatass) performances, he had a very good career.

Jens Pulver: One of my personal favorite fighters, Jens paved the road for UFC lightweights. Jens' fight with BJ was the first time a lightweight fight had ever main evented a card. Jens defended the belt twice after winning it, then left to go fight in Japan. He also headlined a title fight against Urijah Faber at 145.

Urijah Faber: Everything Jens did for the lightweight division, Faber did for the featherweights. For 3 years Faber was the face of the WEC and it's featherweight champion. He fought and dominated everyone put in front of him, including current bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz. He is still a top fighter at bantamweight, and expect a title shot in the next year.

Miguel Torres: To put it simply, Torres is the Faber of the bantamweight division. They both had extended title runs, and dominated their divisions for many years. Torres is a great fighter, mixing his superb muay Thai with excellent BJJ.

Vitor Belfort: Vitor is the youngest champion in UFC history(Fuck you Goldie!!!!). Vitor has been fighting and winning against top competition for 10 years. He has fought for( and kinda won) the UFC light heavyweight championship. He also fought for the middleweight championship last March, but ate the foot of Anderson Silva.

Category 3: If Dana didn't hate me

Pat Miletich: Another of my favorite fighters, Pat Miletich is a 5 time UFC welter weight champ. Pat was truly one of the first fighters to combine all three styles of fighting and use them effectively. Aside from being an excellent fighter, Pat is one of the greatest coaches ever. He trained fighters like Matt Hughes, Jeremy Horn, Jens Pulver, Tim Sylvia, and Rich Franklin. Pat has a feud with Dana because Dana told Pat that season three of TUF was going to be Miletich vs Newton, but changed his mind and switched it to Tito vs Ken. There is still resentment between the two.

Frank Shamrock: Another champion from the dark ages of the UFC, Frank is a 5 time UFC light heavyweight champion. He finished everyone of his title fights, including making Tito Ortiz tap to strikes. He and Dana have feuded over the years, and this is the ONLY reason Frank is not in the HOF.

Catagory 4: If Pride/JMMA Accomplishments mean anything

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: The only man to ever hold UFC and Pride titles is well know for his BJJ skills and heart. He is famous for taking a major beating and coming back to submit his opponents. Big Nog has fought the best in the sport, and has mostly come out victorious, but with a broken face.

Fedor: The man that needs no last name. Fedor is one of the top 3 greatest fighters ever. He has wins over many top ten opponents and went 7 years undefeated. In his prime, he was the most feared fighter ever. Fedor's chances to get into the HOF, are slim to say the least. He has never fought in the UFC and Dana hates his management. Aside from the politics, Fedor has earned his spot.

Bas Rutten: Bas Rutten is a devastating fighter. After a rough start in MMA, he realized he needed to learn submissions. And he did. He ended his career with an equal number of submissions to knock outs. He ended his career on a 22 fight unbeaten streak, and retired while being the UFC heavyweight champion.

Igor Vovchanchyn: Igor is one of the most under appreciated fighters in history. He tore his way through Japan and had a 30 fight unbeaten streak. Igor used his good cardio and excellent striking to tired his opponents out and then finish them with strikes.

Dan Henderson: Dan Henderson is the only man in the history of MMA to hold two titles in two separate divisions at the same time in a major MMA promotion. Henderson has had to title shots in the UFC, but lost both of them. After murdering Bisping, he had earned a title shot but it wasn't given to him. He left and went to strikeforce,becoming the light heavyweight champion. He then knocked out legend Fedor Emelianenko and is currently one of the hottest fighters out there.

Kazushi Sakuraba: Don't listen to what Dana White says about Yushin Okami being the best JMMA fighter ever. That's bullshit. Sakuraba often fought much bigger fighters and came out victorious. He dominated the legendary Gracie family and for a time was named the number one P4P best fighter in the world. This true 185'er beat light heavyweights and heavyweights throughout his career.

Wanderlei Silva: Wanderlei was the most feared man in the world during his Pride run. He beat people before they even got in the ring with him. Wanderlei has the record for most wins and knockouts in Pride history. He truly is the greatest light heavyweight to ever live. He is also famous for the left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right combo.

Takanori Gomi: Another JMMA fighter thats better than Yushin Okami, Takanori Gomi was Pride's Lightweight champ and during his time as Champ he was ranked as the number 1 lightweight in the world. Gomi has wins over some of the best in the division, including Jens Pulver and Hayato Sakurai.

Catagory 5: Charles "Mask" Lewis

Evan Tanner: This category is more about who helped the UFC or is beloved by the fans. Evan Tanner was the UFC middleweight  champion before losing to Rich Franklin. Sadly, he was stranded in the desert a few years after and died. Giving him HOF status is a nice gesture that not many fans would argue.

Stephan Bonnar: Stephan Bonnar is a good gatekeeper and his fight career is not HOF worthy. His fight with Forrest Griffin, however, is. Called the most important fight in UFC history by Dana White, do not be surprised to one day find out Bonnar is in the UFC. He really helped the UFC and forever changed the landscape of MMA.


What do you think Maniacs? Disagree or agree? And I'm sure I forgot a few, just let me know. And I hope this post causes BE as many problems as my last did, but I doubt it.

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