Mania vs BE feud -- Let's just end this


Within the past few days, this "feud" between the folks that choose to comment and show their allegiance to Bloody Elbow (BE) and those that choose to comment and show their allegiance to MMA Mania has escalated.

Members of BE orchestrated a "green attack" to come over here and rec every post in a thread simply to raise hell and rile up the members of Mania because of the unwritten rule here that we do not rec comments liberally.

In the same manner, members of Mania chose to respond by attempting to orchestrate a counterstrike by finding a BE thread and flagging as many posts as possible.

Let's make one thing clear right away -- this entire thing is ridiculously stupid.

Not only is it lame that so many people have chosen to go about things in this manner but the fact is, all it does is create a monster headache for the staff here at Mania and the staff at BE. It's not worth it to us and it's not worth it to them.

It takes time away from us doing our jobs and I don't think any of you want that (even the ones that hate me).

I'm not writing this to threaten anyone with a ban, or even a warning. You guys know that's not how we roll here. I'd like it if I never had to ban anyone, ever.

I'm only writing this to say -- can we please end this thing? Aren't we tired of seeing entire threads jacked because people want to complain about being banned from BE or want to make sure we all know how much they detest one of their writers? If they really bother you that much, wouldn't it be better not to think about them? And it sucks to see things like Hemmi work hard on an interview and the thread degenerates into a BE hate party. Or I spend a bunch a time on a post and actually work hard on it and two comments are about the article and 155 are about how much everyone dislikes BE moderating policies.

Bloody Elbow does things their way and we at MMA Mania do things our way. Let's just leave it at that. Go over there and enjoy the articles ... or don't, it's up to you. Just please don't go over there and start trouble. Ultimately, it does absolutely no good.

Brent Brookhouse has alerted the troops over at BE to cease fire and I would like to implore you to do the same. Please just end this and let's get back to doing what we love -- shooting the shit on MMA, engaging in friendly debates (and sometimes not so much), and posting pics of hot ladies (men too, a.b.b. ... just no boners).

Here, I'll get things started:



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