Bellator 48: Pat Curran plans on an 'easy' fight against Marlon Sandro on Aug. 20


On Saturday night (Aug. 20, 2011), Pat Curran will square off against the highly ranked Marlon Sandro in the Bellator Fighting Championships featherweight tournament final at Bellator 48.

Sandro has made a name for himself with his reign of terror over in Japan, primarily with the Sengoku organization. To the dismay of his fans (and they are many), he's had a bit of a tough time transitioning to the Bellator circular cage. Though he has not lost a fight with the organization, both bouts went to decisions, one of which was of the "split" variety.

"The Monster from Rio" earned a reputation while fighting overseas for being a powerful striker with knockout power. Sandro is one of the faster athletes to compete at 145 pounds and possesses lightning quickness.

You'd think Sandro's unique skill set would give "Paddy Mike" pause for concern.

You'd be wrong.

During a recent interview with MMA Recap, Curran discussed his upcoming bout and how he believes he will fare against the famous product of the Japanese mixed martial arts (MMA) circuit.

"He (Sandro) is an exciting fighter and brings a fast pace. He trains with some of the best featherweights in Jose Aldo and a good team out in Brazil. I see a lot of openings in his game. He is a wild puncher. He swings real wild. There's a lot more openings in this fight than I had against Ronnie Mann. I feel like this fight is going to be a little bit easier for me."

Curran will go into Saturday night's fight holding a five inch reach advantage. He believes his reach and his boxing will both be factors that Sandro will not be able to overcome.

"It's a huge part. I have really been focusing on my boxing. That's a big factor in this fight. I am going to throw straight punches and keep him away. Keep his wild punches from landing on me. I plan to pick my shots. As I said, I see a lot more openings because he does throw a lot more violent and wide shots."

Many believe that Sandro, who holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), would have a slight advantage if the fight were to hit the canvas. Curran doesn't believe that will be an issue.

"I am real comfortable with my ground game. I have been competing in a lot of tournaments. I know he's a black belt but I don't see it going to the ground. His last few fights he likes to stand and throw. When he does get hit he stays in that mentality of standing and trading with the guy. I really don't see it going to the ground too much in our fight."

Talk is cheap. On Saturday night, the cage door will slam shut and there will be nowhere to hide. 

Is Curran writing checks with his mouth that his body can't cash, or is Sandro really overmatched? Will Joe Warren somehow manage to take the decision?

Sound, off Maniacs!

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