Shawn Tompkins' wife's first comments on his untimely death


Famed mixed martial arts trainer Shawn Tompkins has passed away at the age of 37.

Few details are available surrounding his untimely death, but there's no question a huge void has been left in the lives of some well-known fighters.

During last night's (Aug. 14) telecast of UFC on Versus 5: "Hardy vs. Lytle," announcer Mike Goldberg delivered the sad news to the millions of fight fans watching around the world of Tompkins' passing.

An autopsy is pending and as of this moment, all that is known is that the TapouT trainer passed away in his sleep.

His main talents were in the "sweet science" and he's been associated with the likes of Randy Couture, Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva, Chris Hordecki, brother-in-law Sam Stout and Canada's own, Mark Hominick.

Tompkins' wife, Emilie, confirmed his untimely death on Sunday with these comments (via ESPN):

"Unfortunately I'm in Las Vegas and he's in Canada. I'm hearing through my family and his family that he didn't wake up this morning. They're going to do an autopsy tomorrow, so we don't know any of the actual details. But from what we do know, he passed away in his sleep."

Tompkins never got the heralded role as being a "champion's coach," but led UFC featherweight Mark Hominick to a near upset of featherweight title holder Jose Aldo at UFC 129.

The five round war and ability to keep Hominick's head in the game is something that must be admired considering "The Machine" was sporting a bowling ball sized hematoma throughout the better part of the fight.

At this time no funeral or viewing arrangements have been set.

*Personal Note: Last night I went to the Bradley Center and upon hearing a few people talk I found out that a man I respect and admired had died. I was sad and depressed beyond what you think because I knew how hard he worked with his guys and how much he just wanted to help one of his guys go from nothing to champion.

You will be missed Shawn and I hope you and your family will be okay now that your training up in heaven, buddy.


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