Fight Week, Blog Week:(August 11, 2011)



On August 16th, 2011 I am competing at a Mixed Martial Event in Curitiba Brazil at a Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts organization Premier Combate Alliance Selva. I will be facing Marco J. Ribeiro who is a product of X-gym.... the same Gym that Will Ribeiro, Patricky Freire and Patricio Freire train out of, it is also associated closely with Team Nogueira.


I am Tomas Taverin, I'm am 19 years old and I spend my time training at Vega Muay Thai, home of Muay Thai fighter Brazilian born Seridas Vega. I also spend time training at Nova Uniao and Elite BJJ(Sister Camp of Brazilian Top Team). I am 5'6 and fight in the 135lb weight division. I've been training since I was 6 years old, because I wasn't old enough to date, My Uncle's a Gym Rat and he's all I got so I figured why not? I'm a Muay Thai Kickboxer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Royler Gracie.

So enough of the Intro lets get down to business.


This is Thursday, August 11, 2011 Review

7:45 AM: So I get my lazy ass out of bed and ten minutes later after I've already drunken 2 glasses of water(Lifestyle choice, not weigh in)And I eat Low fat Bran Muffins(Yes Brazil has Muffins!)

9:05 AM: I go to the Rio Beach and Jog around and hang out for about an hour.

11:20 AM: I do 30 minutes of Exercise around my house to get the juices flowing and feeling good.

12:00 PM: Take Hormone supplements and begin my Muay Thai Boxing work out at Thai Boxe, for about 3 hours, and then take my shower.

5:55 PM:  Eat 2 Bananas, an Apple and drink Milk. Then I eat home cooked Vatapa(Look it up) and go watch some Dance movies in my 4 layers of clothes.

7:16 PM: Go to Spiritual Seminar at a church to get my mind, body and spirit in the right place, stay their for about 2 hours.

9:45 PM:  Drop my girlfriend off at home, and go pick up some groceries for my Uncle.

10:11 PM: Just got done watching UFC 132 On the internet, Doing my best impersonations of Dominick Cruz lol.

10:25 PM:Weigh myself, drink a glass of water, take my antibiotics and Hit the Hay.

August 12, 2011 is coming up tomorrow.

Special thanks to the Maniacs! And My fight team.


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