Chael Sonnen: The Rashad Evans that fought at UFC 133 is the best light heavyweight fighter of all time

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa via Getty Images

Who is the best light heavyweight fighter of all time?

According to Chael Sonnen, it's former 205-pound champion Rashad Evans, or more specifically, the Rashad Evans who stopped Tito Ortiz at UFC 133 last Saturday night (Aug. 6) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The former middleweight number one contender talks to Bruce Buffer (via about Evans' "scary" performance:

"I believe the best light heavyweight of all time is the Rashad Evans that stepped into the ring on Saturday night [at UFC 133]. A lot of people are really missing it, they're like 'Well, he beat Tito and Tito wasn't quite ready' and I'm going 'wait a minute, Tito's always ready.' Secondly, let's understand Tito hit Rashad so hard two different times. Once with a cross and once with a hook that would have sent most people down and Rashad walked right through it. Let's understand Rashad was caught in a choke and found his way out. Let's understand Rashad went on an absolute sprint where I thought 'wow, this is great' because I'm cheering for Tito and he's punching himself out. Not only did he not punch himself out he did about two or three more of those sprints in the fight and then he finally did get the finish. The Rashad Evans that was in the ring that night, people really need to look at that performance. That was flat-out scary. Rashad moves his record to 18-1, that's the best record in our industry, a former champion, he could walk away right now and he will go down in the hall of fame."

Rashad Evans in the UFC Hall of Fame?

"Suga," with his technical knockout win over Ortiz in "The City of Brotherly Love," improves his record to 16-1-1 including four wins over former light heavyweight champions (Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin, Quinton Jackson and Ortiz).

His only loss came at the hands of former title holder and current division contender Lyoto Machida.

Do you agree with Sonnen's assessment of Evans? Or is he equally outlandish with his praise as he is with his criticisms? Are you waiting to see his performance against Jon Jones (if it comes to pass) before passing judgment on Evans' legacy?

Opinions, please.

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