Tackling the GOAT


MMAmania has been a home to me for longer than my first login may depict. I've been following the great Holland and Mrosko crew for quite awhile and its been a pleasure. So first let me say, thank you for giving all of us Maniacs a home!

Now to discuss what we all wonder after every fight we see...




I would like to say before we get any further that I will not be discussing who I think the greatest of all time is. I'll leave that for all of you. Instead, I will focus more on discussing what I think being the GOAT entails. There are many people that have their opinion on the greatest of all time. Most of the time, you will get the answer of a certain Last Emperor. Fedor Emelianenko has long been referred to as the Greatest of All Time. People can even make an argument of Anderson Silva to be that same thing. What truly are the requirements for such a prestigious title? I think there are many things one can associate with being the GOAT: 

1. Record - The first obvious one. The record tells the basic story of  fighters' careers. What fights they have lost, what fights they have avenged, etc. How does a fighter like Randy Couture (18-10) compare to a fighter that has more wins, like say Dan Severn who has 99 wins and 18 losses. But Dan Severn just recently fought Lee Beane. Anyone know who Lee Beane is? I sure dont. Dare I say that there have been people that say the competition one certain fighter who just lost via H-Bomb hasn't beaten the best? Should the GOAT be fighting guys that are ranked 2 and 3 and start picking them off from there? (Assuming they are ranked 1 of course).

2. How fights are finished - The long standing battle of fighters that dont/do finish. I could name 10 Maniacs off the top of my head that think GSP was good but often use the term GSP pre-serra. Or how seeing Fedor go to a decision is as often as seeing Finch getting his hand raised before 15 minutes (Not 25, we all know how that went). Is it important that a guy is knocked out or submitted? Or is it just as important to make a fighter look like Koscheck after spending 25 minutes dominating them? A fight such as the recent and controversial, Hendo vs. Fedor, is always fun to watch, a nice 4 minutes of an all-out slug fest.  Does that make a legend? Or does a fight like Silva vs. Sonnen give Silva the ability to say he can come back from getting whipped for 4 rounds? What about Jones, who just dismantled a fighter and made him tap to strikes who many called the greatest LHW of all time? Is that a fight quality to be thrown in to a GOAT status. (In no way am I calling Jones the greatest of all time, just referencing a fight).

3. Respect - One of the most important ones. People make mistakes, that is obvious, but people that don't respect the sport, don't deserve such a high accolade of being the greatest of all time. The opposite effect is quite rewarding. Many people become fans of a fighter just because they might pays respect to their opponent after a knockout ensued. Its definitely important in most peoples books.

So, Maniacs, what do you guys think makes the GOAT?

Right now, I offer a different question, Who do YOU think will be the GOAT in 10 years?

(Fighters may be retired in 10 years but they would still be considered the greatest of all time)

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