Nate Marquardt suspension hearing postponed to next week, decision expected by July 13


Yes, Nate Marquardt is still in the news.

The former UFC middleweight title contender was recently dismissed from the world's largest fight promotion thanks to his failing tests with both the New Jersey Athletic Control Board (NJACB) and Pennsylvania Athletic Commission (PAC) for elevated levels of testosterone. 

The latter kept him out of his scheduled UFC on Versus 4 fight against Rick Story, which was substantial enough that company President Dana White immediately sent him packing.

However, the UFC isn't the only game in town and Marquardt is rumored to sign on with another organization at some point soon. First, though, he'll need to get reinstated by the PAC.

The commission was scheduled to convene to decide "The Great's" fate last week but according to, that meeting has been postponed to next week with a decision likely to be made by July 13.

Marquardt appeared on the MMA Hour on June 28 ifor a tell-all interview to reveal the circumstances surrounding his issues. According to "The Great," he was experiencing symptoms as early as Aug. 2010, including sluggishness, lack of energy and memory loss. He was diagnosed with low levels of testosterone.

At that point, he began treatment using the "therapeutic use exemption" for his fight against Dan Miller at UFC 128 in New Jersey. Apparently, all was on the up and up at that time, or at least we thought so.

About three weeks out from his fight against Rick Story, scheduled for June 26, Nate was advised to pursue a more aggressive treatment, which led to blood test results showing elevated levels -- too high to be allowed to compete in a mixed martial arts fight in Pennsylvania.

Marquardt's manager, Lex McMahon, who was also on the show, noted that once it was learned his levels were high, he was advised to discontinue therapy and that's exactly what he did.

However, his levels did not return to normal in time for him to fight. Bye-bye main event, bye-bye job with UFC.

It has since come to light that everything was not on the up and up with the NJACB. For more details on that click here. For more on Marquardt's story in general click here.

Should the once elite fighter be allowed to return sooner rather than later? And when he does, where will he end up?

Sound off, Maniacs.

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