'Darth' Bader: 'The Huntington Beach Bad Boy' strikes back!


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When the news broke that Ryan Bader was calling out former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz for UFC 132, everyone assumed it was a 'gimmie' fight.

Well, with one lightning-fast right hand and a guillotine choke later, Bader realized that adding a mixed martial arts legend to his resume wasn't as easy as it looked on paper.

It was the perfect fight for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 8 Champion to rebound with after his loss to now UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones earlier this year, but the force was not strong in this one.

Ortiz proved to be "Darth's" daddy and beating him up is what he does.

2011 has been an awful year for Bader and in an earlier posting I asked: "Is Ryan Bader broke?" After this loss, the question must be revisited.

He was beaten by a guy who may be the FORMER light heavyweight champ but, Ortiz' last UFC win was against Ken Shamrock on October 10, 2006. Ortiz beat Bader in less then two minutes by way of dominating fashion which is a much quicker loss than he suffered against Jon Jones.

Is he broken?

The TUF 8 winner has been, at times, a very evolving wrestler who packs a lot of power but now has to be questioned. Did he spend too long at Arizona Combat Sports, hindering his evolution as a fighter?.

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva is now in an odd position because you don't know if Ryan Bader can even win another "gimmie" fight due to his performance at UFC 132.

Who do you match up against Bader?

A name that seemed to be talked about is fellow TUF guy Matt Hamil. The UFC loves when its TUF winners can flourish after the show but, sometimes you just need to accept they aren't as good as they appear. Bader's biggest wins are against Keith Jardine at UFC 110 and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 119.

The names are popular ones but both those fighters are nowhere on the championship radar as both have become  irrelevant in the title picture.

If I were Ryan Bader, I would take this loss and get back to a gym where I know I can evolve as a fighter and just re-evaluate what I need to do. He should take the remaining year off, unless a shot at a win comes up. Bader needs to just try and see why he has two losses and even more so, two awful showings.

Clearly there are issues far beyond his skills because no matter what, you don't get embarrassed twice in a row when you haven't shown being this awful in the past. He got beat in wrestling by Jon Jones and outstruck and choked out by Tito Ortiz.

Bader has to understand that he was one win from ending the career of the most controversial character in the UFC history, just as earlier this year he was one win from likely becoming the number one contender for the UFC light heavyweight title.

Then came Mr. Jones and Mr. Ortiz

How did it seem the lights have turned off on the once bright star from TUF 8?

Lets hear why fellow Maniacs!

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