Strikeforce 'Fedor vs Henderson' fight card: Marloes Coenen and Miesha Tate fight for the Women's title ... but does it matter?

In the co-main event of tonight's Strikeforce: "Fedor vs. Henderson" fight card, a hugely significant women's welterweight championship fight will go down when titleholder Marloes Coenen defends her strap against Miesha Tate

It's an intriguing battle of striker vs. grappler, the Golden Glory trained Coenen up against a wrestler with skills enough she was bestowed the moniker "Takedown."

This bout has all the makings of a "Fight of the Night" candidate and is an early hopeful to steal the show. But how much will it matter?

UFC President Dana White has long made his feelings known on the subject of women's MMA. He's not necessarily a fan but moreover, he doesn't feel there is enough depth to create and foster an entire division of legitimate lady mixed marital artists.

Tate has spoken rather candidly regarding exactly how much she disagrees with him, calling him "ignorant" on the subject and remaining hopeful she can prove him wrong. 

How can she do that?

Women's MMA hasn't had its own Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar fight. A revolutionary war, so to speak, that transcends the sport itself. Coenen vs. Tate, with all it's implications and deep meaning could very well provide that if both ladies get lethal tonight.

Of course, even if Coenen and Tate tear the house down, the buck could stop there. That's because there isn't exactly a wide array of challengers to choose from to step in for the next title shot.

Which is a big indicator of why White isn't sold on promoting women in the UFC.

And now that it looks as though Gina Carano's career as a fighter just may be over, the uphill climb facing women like Coenen, Tate and even Cristiane Santos, may prove to be too much to overcome.

Both Tate and Coenen share a trait that could work heavily in their favor. They're both attractive women who have serious skills once they step inside the cage.

But again, it may not be enough to curry favor with the necessary people. However, if and when Strikeforce is dissolved into UFC, there are quite a few other promotions that don't share the same compunction in regards to promoting women's MMA.

This could turn out to be more than a championship fight inside the hexagon. This could be a tryout of sorts for when the bottom falls out.

All the more reason this cat fight has the potential to steal the show.

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