The Colossus.....

It has been determined by the scientific community that it is the biggest of it's kind on our planet today ... 

Many have used words such as Mammoth, Gigantic, Gargantuan, Dinosauric and even Mastodonian to describe it's grandeur. 

Like AIG, Citibank and a few select giant financial instutions it has also become known as "Too Big To Fail". 

 By now you may be saying things to yourself like the following, "what in the hell is OD going on about?", "I don't give a shit about any of this." or "Why am I reading this?".   

What you should really be asking yourself is this, "is there even a point to this fanpost at all?" or maybe "Does this have ANYTHING to do with MMA?". 


Lets explore that last query, plumb the depths of this deep, introspective, life altering, earth shattering reveal ..  after the jump..

 As with all things, there is always a first and as history is written and the decades pass civilization will look back and in one collective breath utter in astonishment "Man, that thing was friggin huge."

A bonerfide 8th wonder of the world, a truley once in a millennium genetic construct that inspires shock and awe in all who gaze upon it's glory.

"Why so verbose?" You may ask.  "Why the hell doesn't he just get to the point already?" You may query.  

The answer is simple...

I've got a picture down the page that I didn't want anyone to see right off the bat so I had to type a lot to make sure that it got spaced enough down the page so that it didn't pop up right away when the page loaded and that's why I keep wasting your time with all this unnecessary verbage and these descriptions that basically say the same damn thing but with different words over and over and over again.


So you'll have to scroll down a little further if you want to actually get to the point here...












little further...






almost there...






still not there yet...







you're on your way...






you can do it I believe in you...







The massive object I'm talking about, of course.... is my cock.



See it here next to a fully grown adult male human.  Look at the sheer magnitude of it, that's right people, drink it in...



Yes my cock is huge and most certainly bigger than all of yours and this fact alone is what helps me sleep well at night.  Knowing that you know that I know that you know that my cock is bigger than yours.

At this point you may be asking yourself "Why in the hell am I still reading this shit?" 

And to this I might reply.. "I have no friggin clue.. cause I know I sure the hell wouldn't be by now."

It is my pleasure to have completely wasted your time, please leave your hateful remarks and criticisms in the comments section below, I can take it, after all, I'm a man with absolutley gigantic balls.




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