Rampage Jackson: Pretty soon MMA is going to be like boxing and nobody is going to want to watch

via rankingmma.com

That is if fighters -- like oh, say, Jon Jones -- keep entering the cage with "elaborate game plans" that revolve around wrestling and takedowns.

Because, let's face it, there's a reason amateur wrestling isn't a ratings powerhouse on television.

What's easy to sell to a mass audience is a good old fashioned slobberknocker. But if that's what a guy like Quinton Jackson is promising and he gets no cooperation from his opponents, not only does "Rampage" take part of the heat for it, the fans also go home unhappy.

Can't have that.

That's also the reason Jackson says he hasn't been knocking guys out as of late; since Dec. 2008, to be exact. That's the last time the Wolfslair product put his lethal hands to use and cleaned Wanderlei Silva's clock with one swift punch. Before then, it was Chuck Liddell "Rampage" laid up in May 2007.

A knockout artist with just two sleeps in seven fights? If only he wasn't defending takedowns for 15 minutes. At least, that's what he's passing it off to.

And that's why MMA will quickly becoming like boxing where no one will want to watch because it's become so boring. I'll let Jackson explain in his own words, as told to Inside MMA:

"Jon Jones is a tough guy and stuff like that. But I'm getting bored with these opponents, win or lose, I'm getting bored cause these guys got these elaborate gameplans. They want to take me down and wrestle me because they think my ground is suspect. MMA, we evolve so fast, pretty soon we're going to be like boxing if we keep fighting this way. Nobody is going to want to watch. I'm coming for the belt and stuff like that but I'm still going to go out there and go gung ho and go for it and take chances. We fight in the cage, they lock the cage behind us, you know what I'm saying? ... I don't care about us going to the ground, fights end up on the ground. But if this is one of those fights where it's all I end up doing the whole time is defending takedowns, it makes me look bad as a fighter too. I got fans talking about I haven't knocked somebody out since Wanderlei (Silva). It's because Wanderlei come to fight, Chuck (Liddell) come to fight. These people come to fight, you know what I'm saying? I could have easily gotten knocked out by Chuck or Wanderlei, it's a risk you take. But those guys, they gained my respect."

To be fair, in those seven fights, Jackson's opponents -- like Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, Keith Jardine, Lyoto Machida and Matt Hamill -- spent extended amounts of time standing and trading punches with him.

They can't all end in one-hitter quitters.

However, it's likely that "Rampage" is more or less tired of situations like he faced when he took on heated rival Rashad Evans, who promised a three-round war and delivered more of a three-round clinch battle.

Which, of course, the fans aren't shelling out upwards of $50 for.

Jackson is also quite adamant that he feels Jones will execute the same game plan Evans had. He's already attempting to avoid that by engaging in a bit of psychological warfare in challenging "Bones'" manhood if he does, in fact, make it wrestlemania in Denver on Sept. 24 at UFC 135.

Who agrees with Jackson's statements here? Is MMA headed for the abyss boxing has slowly but surely been falling into?

Sound off!

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