Why we like Rampage.

A poor driver.

A sexual harasser.

A bully.

A so-so actor.

Who is one of MMA's most beloved fighters, Rampage Jackson?


Ding, Ding, Ding.  Circle gets the square.

Why do we like Rampage Jackson so much?  Well first of all, ‘We’ is not all encompassing.  Rampage has his fair share of haters.  Myself?  I’m not one of them.  I’m a fan.  I like to watch his fights and his interviews.  I tune in.


Because he’s real.  Not ‘Real’ as in, ‘I’m real on the streets, stop snitchin, don’t look at me, 50 cent beef, keeping it real!’ real.  I mean, he’s a real human being with real human being emotions and real human being flaws.  And that draws people in.  He says what he thinks, not what his publicist and manager tell him to say.  He is only true to himself and that’s something that many of us enjoy, and maybe envy at times.  How many of us are our true selves in front of our bosses? Our girlfriends family?  Lets just say my humor works better in front of my friends, rather than my coworkers.

Sure, Rampage has made mistakes as a man.  He shouldn’t have been driving that giant self glory porn of a truck, when all he’s been ingesting for the past few days was Monsters, Red Bulls and Rockstars.  That was a bad choice.  But guess what, we’ve all made bad choices.  Some of our bad choices aren’t of the magnitude of that, some aren’t as publicized as that, but they were still bad choices and that doesn’t make us bad people.

Ok, maybe Rampage shouldn’t have motor-boated Karyn Bryant and yeah, he probably shouldn’t have humped those various reporters during interviews.  I’ll give you that, those were dumb moves.  But that’s who Rampage is, he can’t help himself.  He can’t be fake.

He doesn’t always make the right choice.  He doesn’t always say the right thing.  He doesn’t always do what’s politically correct.  But Rampage is always Rampage.  He will turn his back on Jon Jones and flash that cheesy smile and everything seems right in the world.

In this day and age, where most athletes turn into robotic, non-opinionated, promotional puppets, seeing someone that is the total opposite of that is refreshing.  Rampage isn’t a role model, he isn’t a model citizen/employee/gentlemen.  Rampage is just Rampage and that’s why we like him.

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