Rampage Jackson: I guarantee Jon Jones won't fight me like a man, Team Greg Jackson is ruining MMA

Photo via Denver Westward

Whoever said this feud wouldn't have the same heat as a feud involving Rashad Evans?

Number one division contender Quinton Jackson and Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones were in Denver yesterday (July 19), trading barbs at a press conference promoting their upcoming fight at UFC 135 on Sept. 24, 2011.

First they argued over who would have the most excuses come fight night. Then they had a contentious staredown, as is the norm with any face-off involving "Bones."

But it didn't stop there.

They both appeared on a local radio program, the Mike and Scott Show, and continued exchanging verbal shots. That is, until "Rampage" broke out the big guns, going after not only Jones and whether or not he would fight him "like a man," but also out-and-out telling him his team, led by Greg Jackson, has ruined Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and is killing MMA altogether:

"I guarantee you Jon Jones don't fight me like a man. Just like his boy, his old teammate Rashad. He come from a team, the (Greg) Jackson team is the most boring team out there right now. I have to say that right now. Jackson, man, y'all are some boring fighters, dog. Y'all ruining MMA for me, straight up. All these gameplans and all this stuff. GSP was the man before he started training over there with Jackson. I still like GSP but I wish he would go and do his own thing cause GSP is one of the best fighters out there, straight up. And y'all ruining MMA."

By all means, Quinton, tell us how you really feel.

Jones' retort was simple: he's a big fan of statistics and his track record speaks for itself. No one has ever made it past the third round with him since he's been down in New Mexico with Jackson's MMA.

"Rampage" would go on to say that he thinks Jones is good enough to make it to the fourth round against him but no further than that. And that's because he knows his weakness.

"I know your weakness, though. That thing that got that hair on it right there, that chin. That's your weakness, homie. Ain't nobody ever hit you. And guess what? I'm going to tell you, I ain't scared of you. I ain't scared of none of the stuff you got. I done fought people your height, your Muay Thai, your wrestling; I done fought people with better wrestling, I fought Olympic caliber wrestlers. You good, homie, but you ain't the best. I'm the best and I'm going to show you. Bow down. Polish that belt. ... You real cocky and you're going to get put in your place."

Can't fault his logic. If there's one knock against Jones -- it's more of a question mark than anything -- it's that he's never been in trouble in a major mixed martial arts fight. And he's never taken one clean on the chin and kept pushing forward.

Of course, the point of fighting is to dish out as much punishment as possible while taking as little as necessary. But if you're around long enough, as Jackson has been and Jones has not, you're going to face turmoil and adversity.

And what will happen if "Rampage" lands one of them bungalows (as he calls them) come Sept. 24?

Will Jones fold up like a cheap lawn chair and buckle under the pressure? Or will he do like Jackson thinks he will and fight "safe," avoiding ever putting himself in a position to take one on his mandible?

And how great has this feud been already, Maniacs?

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