UFC 132 fight card: Tito Ortiz faces retirement against Ryan Bader in Las Vegas

There's very little that can be said about the venerable Tito Ortiz that hasn't already been covered in detail.

However, there's a certain feeling of nostalgia heading into his bout tonight (July 2) against Ryan Bader at UFC 132 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That's because promotion President Dana White has made it perfectly clear that if Ortiz comes up short, he'll be escorted to the nearest exit with his effects and a pink slip.

Why? Because "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" isn't so bad anymore. At least not by the definition his moniker is intending.

He hasn't won a fight since pasting a geriatric Ken Shamrock all the way back in 2006. That was almost a full five years ago, for all you math wizards out there.

Ortiz would tell you that while he won't deny that he hasn't had his hand raised in all that time (only because he can't), it's not like he's losing to cans. His five fights since that win over Shammy have come against four former light heavyweight champions.

That's all well and good but like UFC President Dana White said -- "It's been five years, dude. He's gotta win."

Simple enough, right?

In fairness to Ortiz, White also stated he performs his best when his back is up against the wall and its never been pressed more firmly against it then it is right now.

But how much will that truly matter tonight?

After all, Tito is on the wrong side of 36 and his opponent, a 28-year-old in his athletic prime, is hungry to make a name for himself off a fading legend on his last legs.

He's also eager to erase the memory of his devastating loss to Jon Jones, who would go on to emphatically win the 205-pound title.

But, just the same as Tito's losses to former champions do not count in his favor, Bader's loss to a champion does not count in his.

However, his string of stellar victories beforehand certainly does and that's been enough, combined with all the other advantages he heads into tonight with, to convince the oddsmakers he's essentially a lock to send Ortiz into retirement.

The fight game is cold and callous, as unforgiving as it is entertaining. If Mike Goldberg delivers his trademark "IT IS ALL OVER!" call in this bout and Ortiz is on the wrong side of it, the phrase will take on the most literal meaning possible.

It could be the end of an era in "Sin City" tonight.

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