Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Everybody wants to beat Chael Sonnen, who is 'not a good example for the sport'


When middleweight loudmouth Chael Sonnen gets to spewing his venom, it's usually spit in the general direction of Brazil and, more specifically, Team Black House.

That means going after such notable names as Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo and the Nogueira brothers (Rodrigo and Rogerio).

Typically, these men all remain respectful and avoid responding if possible. This is likely because a language barrier exists and/or they just enjoy taking the high road.

No fun.

Eventually, though, a crack in the facade is inevitable and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira finally chose to speak his mind a little bit (via Sherdog) on the man that said, "earning a black belt from the Nogueira's is like getting a toy with your Happy Meal at McDonalds."

"It sure would be a great fight [between us]. He's a guy everybody wants to beat. He's not a good example for the sport. He talks too much and says a lot of nonsense. He has a problem with Brazilians; he discriminates against us. He could find a way to promote a fight without speaking ill of anyone. I think it's a tactic he tries to use to destabilize Anderson [Silva] or whoever he faces, but he has to know that's not the way things work. In martial arts, we learn to respect each other. I'll never speak ill of another fighter. Sonnen disrespects others and has no principles or character. He's a guy that every professional fighter, at least on my team, wants to face."

Anyone interested in a scrap between Sonnen and Nogueira?

"Minotauro" is, of course, booked to hit the mat against Brendan Schaub at UFC 134 on Aug. 27 in Rio de Janiero but a loss in that fight may very well signal the end of his run with the world's largest fight promotion.

So why not, if the stars align, let him attempt to get some revenge for his team in a prospective match-up with the rather large middleweight in Sonnen?

Not likely. That means Nogueira (and the rest of Black House) will simply have to hitch their wagon to "All American" Brian Stann, who takes on Chael at the UFC 136 event on Oct. 8 in Houston.

Would you rather see Sonnen vs. Nogueira? Who wins if it ever happened?

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