Remember When They Were Shining?


This thread is entitled to the fighters who were once great and had alot of potentional to offer to the world of Mixed Martial Arts, in this thread we will talk about their fall from grace and the highest points of their careers to the lowest points.

This thread isn't going to show fighters who are legends and have fell from the top, but fighters who were near the top and let money,drugs and personal problems ruin them along the way.

Let's have a look at them after the jump..

Denis Kang


Kang has fought all over the world and is a veteran with over 45 fights under his record, He hold notable victories over Pat Healy, Marvin Eastman,Akihiro Gono and Murilo Rua. Kang is a bjj Blackbelt with some an all around dangerous fight game, He first came on the scene, going a japanese hunt, destroying just about every about put in front of him in Pride, but when Kang fell from the top he fell hard!

What happened to him?Denis Kang went 1-2 in his UFC stint, both of those losses in which Kang got finished, He hasn't looked good since 2005 and he may be accused of choking, as he didn't put on the performances many thought he could..... the true question is-Was Kang ever that good? Or did he spend to much time "Can Crushing" in Japan.

Karo Parisyan


Karo was an innovator in the world of MMA with his high level Judo skills. He was 9-2 in his UFC stint before he was smashed by Thiago Alves in impressive fashion. Karo Parisyan had wicked throws, good takedowns, slick submissions  and the pure talent to take him to the top. At one point in time Parisyan was even offered to fight Matt Hughes for the Welterweight title, but declined because he wasn't quite ready for that fight, so that shows just how great this guy was or could have been.

What happened to him?Well he got a split decision victory over Dong Hyun Kim turned over due to taking illegal substances and failing the drug test right after the fight. He was cut from the UFC, lost to the all time Journeyman Dennis Hallman and was dominating 2 rounds, before he dropped a TKO(Cut) loss to Ryan Ford.

Paulo Filho


Filho was a bad-ass Brazilian with some great skills to fall back on, Former Amateur Muay Thai Champion, BJJ & Judo Blackbelt. He was a perfect 16-0 before he ran into Chael Sonnen, who Filho had previous defeated by submission, Filho came in overweight for the fight in which was to contested for his WEC Middleweight Championship belt and Sonnen grinded him out for 3 rounds.Filho went on to get by 4 more of his opponents, until he drew with Denis Kang. 

What happened to him?Filho lost to a fighter who many people don't know of, and went to a draw with the "choker" Denis Kang and has dropped his last two fights by Unanimous Decision, the last few fights he had were against unknown guys and it's possible this guy lacks the motivation or drive that made him 16-0 at one point in time.

Murilo Rua


This guy was a Brazilian with a fire in his eyes that can only be mimicked by those who have trained at the Chute Boxe Gym in Brazil. Murilo Rua holds notable victories over Mario Sperry, Daijiro Matsui, Joey Villasenor & Tony Bonello. As the brother of Mauricio Rua, you should certainly know that this guy has brutal Muay Thai, as well as a Blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He dropped close fights with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Dan Henderson & Ricardo Arona, He was known for his kill or be killed style, Dangerous Muay Thai and always exciting match ups(Win or Lose)

What happened to him?He seemingly stopped evolving, suffered injuries, got Koed by less known competition and Bloated himself up to Heavyweight only to get Knocked out by Sergei Kharitonov. He had a promising future, but the style that works so very well for his brother Mauricio Rua and friend Wanderlei Silva, didn't work all to well for "Ninja"

Leave Your Comments MMAManiacs, do these guys still have what it takes to be great, Or where they never that great to begin with.

Don't forget to vote on the poll.......Chao!

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