Mirko Cro Cop calls Chael Sonnen an idiot, is 'suspicious' of Alistair Overeem doping


This morning, mixed martial arts legend and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Mirko Filipovic sat down with Croatian TV network Gol for an interview. 

As reported earlier, Filipovic announced that he would be taking on Roy Nelson at UFC 137. That wasn't all he had to say, though. Far from it.

"Cro Cop" spent a few minutes responding to some recent criticism he received from fellow UFC fighter Chael Sonnen. Big shocker here, but the Croatian is not a fan of the mouthy middleweight.

"I never like to respond to such insults. The old saying goes: 'Do not argue with a fool.' I asked a man in America, who he (Sonnen) is. They told me he was crazy and that he is eager to promote. I'm not mad at him. He seems 'slow.' It is obvious that he is crazy. I repeat, I am not angry at him. It's not like he understands what he is saying."

Filipovic went on to compare Sonnen to a child and called him an idiot. Not only that, he also said he wished Chael would gain twenty pounds so he could move up to heavyweight and "Cro Cop" could "kick his ass."

Not likely.

However, during the interview, Sonnen wasn't the only one "Cro Cop" had a few interesting words for. He also went after Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem.

With the recent medical misadventures of Sonnen and Nate Marquardt, allegations of doping in the MMA world have been ever present and hard to ignore. So get a load of this:

"I have never seen someone who has been doping, but am suspicious of Overeem, who really seems so suspicious. It may be a natural phenomenon that he has the ability and natural recovery. But I can say that where there's smoke, there's fire."

Though "Cro Cop" didn't go so far as to say he believes Overeem is guilty of steroid abuse, he certainly didn't absolve him of it.

Overeem has been on the receiving end of steroid and/or performance enhancing drug use allegations for years, due largely in part to his seemingly rapid increase in stature and build, namely going from a lanky light heavyweight to a chiseled killing machine at heavyweight.

Of course, Filipovic has reason for his not-so-nice attitude towards "The Reem." Back in Sept. 2008, Overeem "demolished" the Croatian's groin in a DREAM bout over in Japan.

But is that enough reason to make backhanded accusations like this? And how do you feel about "Cro Cop's" stance against both Sonnen and Overeem?

Sound off.

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