Card Subject to Change: When the fans deserve a break

UFC 133, UFC 115, UFC 130 and UFC on Versus 4 are just a very few of the cards that got subjected to change. The fans bit and bought the card and watched the free show irregardless. It's a fact of combat sports that when you train very hard and you are cuttin weight that a slew of possible injuries will and may occur.

UFC 133: Evans vs. Davis is now as reported to be UFC 133: Evans vs. Machida according to numerous sources. The fight truly pits two of the best possible contenders to face UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones or Rampage Jackson depending on the outcome at UFC 135 unless, of course that gets subjected to change.

Have we the fan been dooped into buying cards that have been bandaged by Joe Silva far too many times. Should the UFC have a policy to the potential pay per view buyers and ticket buyers that if a main event is scrapped that it gets sliced in price.

Let's look at one faithful UFC which probably faced the most changed ever.

UFC 85

June 7th, 2008 was the UFC's return to merry ole' England and the card was by far the deepest card the UFC had ever assembled for a foreign show up to this point. The main event was suppose to be two legends in the 205 division as former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell was squaring off against Pride middleweight grand prix winner, Mauricio Rua.

'I hurt myself today'


Trent Reznor 'Hurt'

The highly anticipated main event was scrapped due to injuries from both the Liddell and Rua camps. Rua, required surgery for an injured knee and season two winner of the Ultimate Fighter (heavyweight) Rashad Evans stopped in. Chuck Liddell suffered a hamstring injury and also folded his tent on UFC 85. Evans vs. Liddell would meet at UFC 88 and Evans would 'ice' the Iceman viao knockout.

The UFC dug deep and kept Rashad Evans as one half of the main event and the other half, 'The Sandman' James Irvin. Irvin, a bodybuilder physique with less then great talent was given a hell of a chance to get his tired back on the road. Irvin, would suffer a foot injury which ended his only chance to main event a UFC numbered card.

The main event took a wild change from a light heavyweight tilt to a welterweight showdown of legend Matt Hughes and Thiago Alives. This when announced would survive up to the fight day but on the weigh ins we found out that the pit bull ate more then he could lose as he weighed in at 174 pounds.

Oh remember that UFC 89 main event of middleweights Chris Leben and Michael Bisping? well, that was suppose to happen as part of the orginal card but due to Leben's legal problems it got delayed. Bisping would go on to fight Jason Day after all.

In other scratches and matches, Johnathan Goulet and Paul kelly's planned tilt was erased after Goulet said he lacked sufficient time and then Kelly sustained an injury before a replacement could be announced. Ryo Chonan and Neil Wain were replaced by Kevin Burns and Eddie Sanchez respectively.

You sure you got all that? and if not l;et's compare the orginal poster to the eventual poster.(please note that no p oster was released for the orginally planned Liddell vs. Rua fight) 


Pretty different huh?

Now i can't seem to remember such a radically changing pay per view and yes some of the injuries seem more like excuses due to the fighter change but, damn thats far too many injuries on one card.

Now I feel the UFC should drop the number of cards because like many of you, i feel the best run of show quality was UFC 40-UFC70's because almost every card had two main event quality tilts and 3 on paper every time. The number of worthy fighters has grown and the pay adys are sometimes earned on one show then having to fight four time a years for the same purse

I know that the small print reads 'card subject to change' but if we keep getting shaffted on the maine vent that is suppose to draw us in then we deserve something, am i right?

I still feel that UFC 131: Jackson vs. Hammill should have either been free or at the very least a reduced pay per view cost. For bars and establishments which rely on a huge UFCnight once a month could be seriously hindered if the UFC puts on a weakened card.

The UFC133 card has been upgraded with the addition of Machida vs. Evans but what if one of them get injured? How could they possibly salvage the card to be buyable. Would they dare move co-main event Rich Franklin vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira?.

How do you feel on the 'card subject to change' issue?

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