Jon Jones: Rashad Evans could have been fighting me but he was impatient, Phil Davis doesn't like to get hit


Here we go again ... same old sh*t, dog, just a different day.

If Jon Jones is doing an interview, you can bet the name Rashad Evans will come up and sure enough, in a recent sit down with The Fight Fix (via SB Nation MMA), it did:

"Rashad could've been fightin' me, but he was impatient. He decided to take a [non-title] fight against Phil Davis instead of waiting. [He] should've been patient and he would'a been fightin' me soon, but things happen. He lost his #1 contendership, but that's something that he decided to do. So it's whatever."

Like sands through the hourglass.

However, "Suga" isn't the only one "Bones" had words for. He also had a little something to say about Evans' upcoming UFC 133 opponent, Phil Davis.

"I met Phil Davis. I think he's a great guy. I think he's great for the sport. But I also think he doesn't like to get hit. I think Rashad Evans' experience might get him through this fight, but I think its gonna be a good fight. If Rashad takes him lightly, you never know what can happen. If Phil Davis makes it a wrestling match, I think his odds will be a little stronger. I'm not rooting for anyone. I think their both fair individuals. Phil's a good guy, but if I had to put my money on it I would go with Rashad Evans. Definitely."

Alert the media -- "Mr. Wondeful" does not like to get hit.

While these comments could easily be taken out of context in the future to help sell a potential fight, Jones does make sure to say, multiple times, that he thinks Davis is a good guy who is great for the sport.

Then again, he also gave ammunition to both Davis and Evans. Which is especially convenient considering the fight between them is a veritable number one contender bout.

Agree with Jones' assessment of the situation? And who would you rather see get the first crack at him -- Phil or Rashad?

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