Picks From The Pride: UFC 132



Many of you know me as the person who took last on the Kongo vs Barry card. While I did awful on that card, tomorrow night will be my comeback. You can either listen to these picks or do the exact opposite, one of those options should work.

My picks and why after the jump!

Cruz vs Faber

This is the hardest fight to pick on the card. Cruz has evolved immensely since their first fight while Urijah had a rough streak, but has since come back strong. I think Urijah's insane upper body strength and experience will be enough to take this fight. Butt chin will rise again. Faber via 3rd round submission



Leben vs Silva

This, on the other hand, is a much easier pick. Wanderlei was a hard hitting scrapper with a great chin. Chris Leben still is. It hurts me to say this but Leben should win this fairly easily. The only way he loses, is if he gets the "Flue" again.  Leben via first round TKO



Ortiz vs Bader

Ortiz is in a really bad spot. He loses to Hammil so they give him Bader? That just sucks for him. Ortiz has some average striking and that's his only hope. Sadly for him, Bader has heavy hands but Tito is a tough fighter and has only been finished by Chuck Liddell, and was never fully unconscious. This will be another loss, and hopefully his last fight. Bader via UD




Condit vs Kim

To put it simply Kim is not undefeated. If Karo wasn't a mental case on drugs he would have at least one loss, and Matt Brown earned the decision as well. However, the fight that truly makes me believe Kim will lose is his fight vs Diaz. Kim did very little damage throughout the fight, and gassed in the third round. Condit pushes the pace, and Kim will be dead tired. Condit will then finish him The Natural Born Killer via third round TKO



Siver vs Wiman

This is another tough fight to call. Both fighters are coming off the biggest wins of their career, and are tough scrappers. In this fight, I think Siver's defensive wrestling and excellent kickboxing will win him the fight. It will be very similar to his last fight vs Sotiropoulos. Siver via decision



Guillard vs Roller

Melvin has been on a tear stopping highly touted prospect Evan Dunham in has last fight, while Roller brutally knocked out Thiago Tavares. One big thing that happened in Melvin's last fight was he got taken down by Dunham. If Evan can do it, so can 3 time Division 1 All American Wrestler Shane Roller. So long as Roller doesn't get caught, he can take this. Roller via decision




Sotiropoulos vs Dos Anjos

This fight is a lot closer than everyone thinks. Both fighters are very good jiu-jitsu fighters, and while I would normally give the advantage to Dos Anjos, Sotiropoulos is excellent from the top. I think G-Sot will use his hands to set up the takedown and then pass guard and ground and pound. Sotiropoulos via UD



Bowles vs Mizugaki

Bowles is a power house. He blows through a majority of the fighters he faces, but many have forgotten him because of his time away from fighting. Mizugaki is a tough, game fighter, but he will be outclassed. Bowles via second round TKO



Tavares vs Simpson

Aaron Simpson is a tough wrestler with decent striking, while Tavares is a scrappy TUF 11 veteran who throws bombs. Simpson's Achilles heel has always been his cardio. He often blows his wad in the first round and then fades. This can be seen in his fights against Chris Leben and Tom Lawlor. Tavares will survive the first round, then win the second. In the third, he will finish the fight. Tavares via Third Round TKO



Winner vs Njokuani

This is a likely Fight of the Night or Knockout of the Night candidate. Winner has been generally unimpressive throughout his UFC career. Njokuani has lost a few fights recently but his fight with Barboza (one of the best strikers in the UFC) was very impressive. Njokuani was brought in to be destroyed by this mega prospect, and almost won the fight. He will have a chance to shine here, against the TUF champion. Njokuani via Second Round TKO



Hougland vs Walker

This  fight pisses me off. These two are basically the same fighter. They both have a majority of their wins and losses by submission and are on large win streaks. Sadly, this is also the hot bout. Here is my shot in the dark. Hougland via Second Round Submission



So what do my fellow Maniacs think? Am I do for another horrid performance, or will I get some redemption? Tell me what you think.

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