Let's stop the nonsense - Overeem is top 5



So many MMA fans like to say that Overeem is not a top 10 fighter.  How can this be?  They say that his competition has not been up to par.  Yet the same fans, if asked, will say that JDS is the #1 contender?  Seriously??????


Here is who JDS has fought recently, the match outcome and the opponent's win-loss record in their recent fights:

Roy Nelson - decision (2-4 with wins over Schaub & Struve)

Gabriel Gonzaga - TKO (1-3 with the win over Tuchsherer)

Gilber Yvel - TKO (1-4  with win over Rizzo)

CroCop - Submission (punches) (2-3 wins over Barry & Parosh)

Stefan Struve - TKO (2-2 wins over McCorckle and Morecraft)

Fabricio Werdum - TKO (5-1 loss coming to JDS)


Lets break it down:

Roy Nelson has beaten fighters that are growing as fighters, not yet in their prime. 

Gonzaga has beaten garbage and is out of the UFC. 

Yvel has beaten garbage and is out of the UFC. 

CropCop has beaten garbage (Barry gave him the match) and is pretty much out of the UFC. 

Stuve has beaten garbage. 

Werdum is a stud.


I pose my original question - How can someone say that Overeem is not top 10, yet in the same breath say that JDS is the #1 contender?  GTFO. 


I can admit Overeem hasn't faced top 10 level competition, yet we clearly see that JDS has not either.  JDS & Overeem have faced competition that is pretty much on the same level as far as MMA is concerned.  However, Overeem has won the K1 competition!  That skillset entirely applies to MMA and he beat the best K1 guys in the world to attain that championship.  That counts for a bump into the top 10 for Overeem. 

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